6 Ideas to Create a Modern Look Using Natural Stone Flooring

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Modern styles can still rely on very traditional materials, including beautiful natural stones. As a wholesaler, you can rely on Nalboor Tiles for smart options, quality pieces, and consistent inventories. Here are some of the growing trends and how NalboorTiles can help you meet the needs of your contractors, designers, and architects. 1. The Natural Shower Organic is in, natural looks are hot, and people are moving away from the glazed tiles of the past... Read More

Wholesaler of Luxury Calacatta Gold Marble Tile in Miami

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As a wholesale building supplier in South Florida, you want to offer your clients a range of high-quality materials at competitive prices. Luxury Calacatta Gold marble is classic choice for interior and exterior construction and decor. If you don't already have a supply of Calacatta marble in stock, you're missing an opportunity to become a go-to source in Miami for high-end, luxury marble. We want to give you the information you need to better serve... Read More

Preferred Coral Stone Tile Wholesaler in South Florida

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Coral stone tile is a popular choice for home and business owners alike. As a general contractor or designer, you want to share this trendy yet timeless option with your clients. However, you need to have a supplier who can keep up with the demand, provide you with high-quality tiles, and help you keep your supply costs in line. This is why builders across Southern Florida and even the United States turn to Nalboor Tiles.... Read More

Wholesaler of Bianco Carrara Natural Stone Marble Tiles

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Mined from the continent of Italy, Bianco White Carrara marble tiles are highly coveted for high-end construction projects, particularly in mansions and commercial skyscrapers. White tile of any kind practically screams luxury, so it stands to reason that homeowners and business corporations with money will want this. Marble Tiles’ Appeal The next step in differentiating a high-end structure from the other would then lie in the details like what kind of marble. While there are... Read More

Wholesale Distributor of Quality Travertine Tile in Miami Florida

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Quality travertine tile is readily available in Miami, Florida, but finding great prices on the tiles can be more challenging. While you can walk into most home improvement stores and see beautiful travertine tiles that are perfect for the patio and kitchen projects you might be surprised at the going rates. Before you walk into the neighborhood home improvement store, here’s what you should know about It’s All About Quality As a wholesaler, we appreciate... Read More

Where Can I Buy Wholesale Natural Stone in South Florida?

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When it’s time to finish up your projects in South Florida, it’s important to find the right suppliers for all of your materials. It’s not enough to find a company that offers top quality goods. You also need to find those items at competitive rates so that you can keep costs down at every level. Natural stone is in high demand throughout the region, and it can carry a premium price at the local store.... Read More

Porcelain Tile that Looks Like Wood: An Alternative to Wood Floors

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One of the most sought after finishings in a new build—residential more than commercial, could arguably be wood flooring. The Evolution of Wood Floors In the earlier days of construction—in the United States, wood was the preferred choice because it was cheap to get. You could either chop down a tree or salvage wood from ships that had come across the seas. Wood was also lighter to carry, unlike natural stones like marble or travertine.... Read More

Uses South Florida Developers Can Use Coral Stone For

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In the South Florida area, more developers are appreciating the qualities of installing coral stone in their construction builds. Aside from the beauty of coral stone tile, there are essentially two main reasons why it’s preferred: Great for hot weather. Great for wet areas. Coral Stone is the Ideal Tile to Use for Hot Climates Coral stone has the ability to resist an immense amount of heat keeping the surface of the tile nice and... Read More

Top Distributor of Marble Floors for Residential Homes in Florida

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Homeowners in Florida are always looking for the best materials for their living space, and natural stone is a top choice for flooring. It’s cool and comfortable when the weather gets hot, and they’re extremely easy to clean. Making the choice to go with marble is easy, but finding the right supplier can be a little harder. That’s where Nalboor Tiles comes in. Selections You’ll Appreciate You can go to the local home improvement store... Read More

Luxury Marble Flooring Options for Commercial Projects

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If your contracting company specializes in building commercial structures, then you already understand the importance of investing in quality materials when it comes to finishings. It can be said the commercial structures endure more wear and tear than residential builds. This is because commercial structures will have more tenants that will attract more people—something that’s not really an issue for residential builds. This is precisely why only the best flooring should be installed. Commercial structures... Read More