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With the current construction boom taking place throughout South Florida, developers and contractors need to stay ahead of the competition while staying within their allocated budget.

At Nalboor Tiles, a wholesale manufacturer of natural stone tiles and engineered stone based in Miami, Florida, we know first-hand that engineered stone is becoming one of the more popular alternatives to natural stone. The results can be seen throughout construction sites in South Florida.

If you are planning a residential or commercial build, you might want to consider engineered stone as well as how to purchase it from a reputable tile distributor when you are ready to place an order.

What is Engineered Stone?

Engineered Stone is a man-made stone constructed of glass, quartz and other bits of natural stone fragments. Cut away from materials from several projects, it is an eco-friendly way of repurposing materials that normally would be thrown away.

When you’re dealing with high-traffic areas, a human-made stone is stronger than natural stone and is less resistant to scratches, chips, marks, and stains. Engineered stone is just as beautiful and durable as naturals stone tile and it is compatible with commercial and/or residential builds.

Perks of Engineered Stone

There are many benefits to installing engineered stone, especially as flooring in both commercial and residential homes. In South Florida, many builders seek out the white-engineered stone for flooring. Our Full Body Marmo Glass and laminated Marmo Glass are among the most popular flooring options for builders installing white floors. White is a color theme often found in downtown Miami and Miami Beach.

In residential projects, engineered stone is an alternative to marble and granite countertops. Since natural stone tiles are extracted from the earth, Mother Nature is in charge of picking the colors, which does not give you the option to design your color. But since engineered stone is man-made, each order can be custom-made for any color variation.

Engineered Stone Tile is Easy to Clean

Tiles like marble require an application of a stone or tile sealer. But with engineered stone, less maintenance is needed. The air-tight resin, which binds all the materials together, makes the surface virtually impossible to staining and prevents spills from discoloring the surface. Cleaning time is also almost nonexistent, which keeps the white surface looking as it did upon installation.

Engineered Stone is Double Processed

Engineered stone is fired twice, creating a replication of the intense pressure that forms natural stones. When the stone is first fired, it forms crystallized granules, and the second time, the material is fired to melt and crystallize the second layer. Both layers together create a finished material this is as durable as natural stone.

Engineered Stone Tile is Waterproof

Engineered stone is also waterproof. That means the stone is porous enough to use throughout your kitchen and bathroom safely. Since it is water-resistant, it is not prone to staining which increases its lifespan.

You can also install engineered stone to an outdoor setting. When you want to incorporate smooth tiles in a pure, white color, incorporating engineered stone makes an excellent addition to outdoor kitchens and porches since it can withstand a significant volume of water. Marmo Glass is the preferred flooring choice for homeowners with children. Hotels also prefer to install it in bathrooms because it delivers an extra layer of protection from water.

Anti-Bacterial and Maintenance

In a porous material, bacteria is more prone to buildup. This makes it difficult to remove. You do not have to worry about this with engineered stone. Bacterial and germs sit atop of the stone, so both are readily wiped away.

Maintenance of the stone is straightforward. All that is needed is a damp rag. If cleaned correctly, you will not have to worry about cross-contamination. The natural care of the stone can be a selling point both for both residential and commercial space. Builders of both will appreciate the cost and time savings.

Brighten Up Any Room

When you want a bright color to serve as a natural backdrop, engineered stone can bring light to any room, and our Marmo Glass floors might be the perfect choice for you. Rooms in both residential and commercial space that lack windows can seem drab. But you can quickly brighten them up with white-engineered stone. Brightening up dark spaces can also save on electric costs. You’ll reduce the need for artificial light during daylight hours while allowing natural light to flow through the area.
Why You Should Find a Wholesale Distributor

In either a residential or commercial project, the only way to save money when stocking a sufficient quantity of material is to buy at wholesale prices, since they are typically less expensive. At Nalboor Tiles, we stock a generous selection of marble and natural stone at our Miami warehouse that is ready to ship any day of the year.

Earn Extra Savings

When you purchase tile in bulk, you are automatically going to be saving money. At Nalboor Tile, we operate on a bulk-purchasing system. This protects our customers from freight prices and import fees. When purchasing a large quantity of tile, it is essential to think about the cost of delivery. Since we stock our products in Miami, local builders and contractors will save significant to those who might purchase their material out of state.

Get Excellent Customer Service 

At Nalboor Tiles, our customer service representatives are here to help you with any questions you might have regarding engineered stone. They are also trained to provide a price quote and even send you free samples on any of our tile and marble products.

If you want to know more about the distribution of engineered stone and how to incorporate it into your commercial or residential build, give us a call at 305-501-4548. When ready, you can place a direct order online through our website. While you’re there, check out our product page.