Top 5 Natural Stone Tiles Used for Minimalist Kitchens

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When most people think about minimal kitchens, they might think of pure stainless-steel appliances and dark countertops that are cold, hazardous and not suitable for a home with little kids. They might also believe they are unwelcoming. But what many people don’t realize is that minimal kitchens rely on traditional materials, like natural stone, and … Continued

Preferred Coral Stone Tile Wholesaler in South Florida

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Coral stone tile is a popular choice for home and business owners alike. As a general contractor or designer, you want to share this trendy yet timeless option with your clients. However, you need to have a supplier who can keep up with the demand, provide you with high-quality tiles, and help you keep your … Continued

Uses South Florida Developers Can Use Coral Stone For

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In the South Florida area, more developers are appreciating the qualities of installing coral stone in their construction builds. Aside from the beauty of coral stone tile, there are essentially two main reasons why it’s preferred: Great for hot weather. Great for wet areas. Coral Stone is the Ideal Tile to Use for Hot Climates … Continued

How to Purchase Natural Stone Tiles from a Large Wholesale Distributor

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More builders, contractors and developers, and especially architects are realizing the benefits of incorporating natural stone into their building projects. Producing a product that outlasts the competition and looks good will almost guarantee referrals and repeated business. If an increase in clients is the result, then there is a new set of problems to handle. … Continued

Accentuate Your Pool Area with Coral Stone Tile

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When designing your new custom pool or creating a fresh look for a client, go beyond the typical natural stone tiles and install lovely coral stone tiles on the pool deck. The texturing makes it ideal for exterior applications, and the soft coloring ensures that it will look amazing with any décor. Your clients are … Continued

Wholesale Luxury Beige Marble Distributor in Miami

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Marble is Wholesale Luxury Beige Marble Distributor in Miami commonly seen in flooring and even shower walls, but most people don’t know it’s also used in window sills. Beautiful and sophisticated, marble window sills offer many benefits to home and business owners alike. Interior decorators that choose this material will make an incredible impression on their customers, and builders who upgrade to marble instead of wood will enjoy a competitive edge over other builders.