Tumbled Stone Ideas For Modern Homes

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Tumbled stones have a softer finish that’s ideal for modern homes. While you may be ready to install polished marble in your living room or foyer, you may find that tumbled looks are better for the kitchen, bathroom, and patio. Take inspiration from design professionals around the country by adding tumbled stones to your indoor living space. Less than Perfect makes for a Truly Perfect Finish The imperfect edges of tumbled tiles soften the lines... Read More

What Exactly Are “Tumbled” Tiles and How are They Used In Flooring?

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When choosing tiles for your project, you’ll have several different finishes to consider. While you may be familiar with honed and polished stones, tumbled tiles are another great option that will work in all areas of your home. Here’s what you should know about these attractive tiles and how they can enhance your living space inside and out. They're easy to care for and highly durable with a rustic look that's sure to appeal to... Read More

Why Replacing Carpet with Natural Stone Flooring May Be A Great Idea!

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In the world of flooring, you have a wide range of materials to choose from. Many builders opt for carpeting because it goes down fast and has a low cost per square yard, but you don’t have to settle for carpets in your living space. Whether you’re renovating an existing home or building a custom masterpiece, marble floors outperform carpet in numerous ways. You’ll improve your home’s value, make it more elegant, and enjoy the... Read More

Luxury Marble Flooring Options Widely Used In Homes Today

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There was a time when marble floors were only seen in fine public buildings or high-end homes. As the demand for this durable material has grown, companies like Nalboor Tiles have found better ways to mine, manufacture, and transport the products. You can now purchase marble products directly from us, and that allows you to use these elegant materials in your own build. As you plan your renovation, consider using marble in some of these... Read More

Why Bianco White Carrara Can Become a Popular Marble Tile in Miami

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If a client is paying you to renovate his or her home or office building, that means they're looking to replace what they have with something better. It’s your job to inform your client of what’s actually ‘better’. Oftentimes, your clients don’t really know what they need until you present the better options to them. All they know is that they want a fresh new build, or their home or building is crumbling, or at... Read More

Porcelain Wood-Looking Tile Flooring: An Alternative to Hardwood Flooring

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Buyers are realizing the advantages of hard flooring. While carpet floors may be soft to the touch, it’s also a dust trap, and no amount of vacuuming or steaming can keep it clean 100% of the time. And even with hardwood flooring, homeowners are realizing the maintenance needed to keep them looking like new. Simply by scooting up at the dining room table could cause a major scuff on the floor. You’re either left to... Read More

The Best Marble Tiles for Tiling Residential or Commercial Builds

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When looking for the right kind of stone tile to stock your warehouse with, you need to be strategic about it. It cannot be about what you like, and it cannot be about what just a handful of buyers like. You really have to look at the entire market and determine what kind of residential and commercial products sell.  Thinking Like a Developer Now, keep in mind that commercial buildings are a little different because... Read More

Why Crema Marfil Marble is a Favorite of Residential Developers in South Florida

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As a contractor or design professional, you’re expected to know what the emerging trends. Your clients are trusting you to lead them to timeless choices that will look great today and still be attractive over the coming years. Interior designers throughout South Florida rely heavily on Crema Marfil marble because it’s elegant, luxurious, and timeless. It’s one of the top choices because it works with any décor, adds visual appeal to spaces, and is sure... Read More

7 Reasons to Use Engineered Stone in Development Projects

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Marmoglass can be used in all types of applications ranging from commercial settings to residential powder rooms. It’s known for having excellent transparency under different lighting, and it can take your next project to a higher level. As a manmade material, it’s extremely durable, highly attractive, and impervious to water. Here are just some of the ways that people are using engineered stones to make their development projects more successful. 1. Better Durability for High-Traffic... Read More

Wholesale Marble Distributor with the Fastest Delivery in Miami

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When you’re ready to order marble tiles, choose the right wholesaler for your project. In addition to excellent quality and pricing, you also want to work with a company that will fill your order quickly and see it delivered in a timely manner. The team at Nalboor Tiles is looking forward to serving you, and we’ll do everything we can to ensure a fast deliver for you. We own the quarries, maintain stable inventory levels... Read More