Top 5 Natural Stone Tiles Used for Minimalist Kitchens

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When most people think about minimal kitchens, they might think of pure stainless-steel appliances and dark countertops that are cold, hazardous and not suitable for a home with little kids. They might also believe they are unwelcoming. But what many people don’t realize is that minimal kitchens rely on traditional materials, like natural stone, and they can be used to brighten up any kitchen.

Why Use Natural Stone?

To create a minimal kitchen, you need building materials that reflect simplicity and elegance, but also durability. Natural stones surfaces are all of these. Natural stone requires minimal maintenance, are perfect for open concept kitchens and living room spaces as well as wet bars and are also versatile for both indoor and outdoor kitchens. While there are kitchens built with laminate or other building materials, they pale in comparison to natural stone. They also do not withstand the wear and tear kitchens are subjected to on a daily basis. Countertops made out of natural stone can endure more regular use and are no match for hot pots, sharp knives, messy food prepping and the chaos that comes with raising children.
At Nalboor Tiles, we are a wholesale and retail distributor of natural stone, marble, and wood-look porcelain tile. Located in Miami, Florida, we are here to tell you that you can design or remodel your dream minimal kitchen in both light or dark tones or anything in between, and below are top five natural stone tiles used for minimal kitchens.

1. Marble

The most popular type of natural stone used in constructing kitchens, mainly due to its fireproof properties, marble is also popular for its shiny, reflective surface.
If you are looking to purchase marble countertops in bulk for a residential project, our most highly recognized products are the Crema River, Crema Bella, Vanilla Oro, Adalia Cappuccino and Crema Marfil Marble. With kitchen design, it is essential to bring a unique character to the project, but it also needs to be neutral enough to appeal to a wide variety of buyers. Marble countertops can do the trick.
Marble isn’t only great for countertops in your minimal kitchen, but also for flooring. Floors throughout the home, in general, undergo a significant amount of foot traffic that can buff out the shiny surface of marble. In a room like a kitchen, often the most popular room in the house, the damage could be twofold.
Though marble requires minimal cleaning, dirt, and debris that tends to carry on the marble surface become abrasive over time. If the floors aren’t dusted frequently, these dust particles will start to scuff the surface which can alter the marble surface from a shiny finish into a matte-like finish. As long as you regularly clean the floors, your marble should stay shiny.

2. Limestone

Limestone is the second-most popular natural stone we stock for kitchen countertops and depending on the buyer’s preference; it can be more affordable than marble stone. Since dimpling and pitting are rare in limestone, it is an excellent choice for high-traffic areas like the family kitchen.
Unlike marble, which is extracted from quarries, limestone is formed in caves and near hot springs above ground. Since limestone is formed through pressure, it is solid throughout. As a result, limestone tends to be on the lighter side than marble. Nalboor Tiles offer the following limestone options: Mocha Crème, Champagne White Limra, Fantasy Blue and Shell Reef.

3. Black Granite

If you are looking for a darker shade than marble or limestone, look no further than black granite. Often used for countertops as well as kitchen floors, granite is tough with tiny striations or spots. Granite can be both polished or honed, and polished black granite has a shine that does not fade over time and is quite resistant to chipping or scuffing.
If you prefer cabinetry in light tones, black granite floor tiles would complement it beautifully. Cabinetry wood that is stained or varnished is accented well with granite floor tiles. Upkeep is mostly maintenance-free and does not require constant cleaning or waxing.

4. Coral Stone

Don’t forget about your outdoor kitchen or kitchenette! You can give your outdoor kitchen a minimal feel with coral stone surrounding hearths and pizza ovens. It isn’t as smooth as other natural stones found on our website, but it’s meant to hold up against the South Florida sun and regular exposure to both rain and sunshine. Coral stone is also no match for freezing temperatures. In a warm climate like South Florida, an extra benefit to natural stone is the feel of a colder temperature on your feet as you walk through barefoot through the kitchen while you hunt for a midnight snack no deposit bonuses :’D.

5. Basalt

If you want to bring the look of an industrious, 5-star professional kitchen into your home, we have a tile for you. The Black Basalt Stone Tile gives a sleek and smooth feel to your kitchen so you can comfortably prepare meals. Its solid color also balances the look of a high-end restaurant kitchen that could otherwise feel too sterile or stale.

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