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Homeowners in Florida are always looking for the best materials for their living space, and natural stone is a top choice for flooring. It’s cool and comfortable when the weather gets hot, and they’re extremely easy to clean. Making the choice to go with marble is easy, but finding the right supplier can be a little harder. That’s where Nalboor Tiles comes in.

Selections You’ll Appreciate

You can go to the local home improvement store to find a range of flooring options, but their choices of actual marble, granite, and travertine stones will be extremely limited. We offer a wide range of natural stone selections like Crema River marble and even Rojo Alicante. In addition to the natural stones that you’ll love, we also have engineered Marmo glass and lovely porcelain tiles that are durable and unique.

Looking for Right Look?

We’ll help you create the perfect look for every room so that your building project can shine. Whether you want dark shades or something light and airy, we have the perfect finish for you. We also believe in taking care of our customers’ future needs, so we carry stones that we can maintain an excellent supply of. This means that you can generally find replacement tiles down the road should you need to replace a damaged section or want to expand the natural stone floors in your home.

Savings You Can Bank On

We know that finishing a home or commercial project in natural stone can be expensive, and we appreciate that you have to really stretch your budget. We offer wholesale pricing every day of the year, so you won’t have to wait for a sale or a clearance special.

It’s true that you can save more by going with a bulk order. That’s why we encourage people to place the full order at once rather than finishing each space individually. If you go with consistent flooring throughout your building project, then you can also qualify for some great bulk rates. Even if you don’t want the same tile in your living room and dining area, you can still bump up your order by allowing for stones that may break during the installation process and picking up a few extras in case any become damaged down the road.

The Advantage of Ordering Marble Tiles in Bulk

Customers who order in bulk save a great deal. We strive to control costs every step of the way, and then we pass the savings on to our valued customers. We take great care with the packaging so that you’ll have more tiles intact upon delivery, and we pay close attention to ensure that the orders are filled properly. We’ve also taken the time to contract with different national shippers who can provide you with more cost-effective shipping options.

Customer Service That Will Please You

They say that customer service is dead, but we’ll show you that it’s still alive and well. We do everything we can to make the ordering process easy. With our online system, you can submit your request online, trust that it will be processed, and look forward to receiving the product in a timely manner.

However, you can also speak with one of our professionals if you require more assistance. We’ll help you with calculations so that you can get all the tiles you need plus a few extras in case there are challenges with the installation process. We’ll answer any questions you have and help you choose the right color and style for your specific project.

Our customer service extends well beyond the initial point of sale. If you have an older floor that’s sustained some damage, we can help you find the right tiles and place an order for them. Our goal is to help you restore the flooring you love so that you can continue enjoying your beautiful natural stone finish for decades to come.

The Easiest Delivery Options

In addition to helping you save time and money, we’ll also take the backbreaking labor out of the equation with our great delivery options. You can order from the premier wholesaler in Florida and have the tiles delivered right to your doorstep. With national shipping companies by our side, we’re able to deliver our quality tiles to all areas from the Caribbean to Washington State.

Whether you want high-end Calacatta Gold marble or you’re looking for a basic white stone, we can help you. We’ll carefully crate your order and get it ready for shipment, and then you can tell the delivery company whether it needs to be delivered at your warehouse or construction site. Once it’s on-site, you can take your time with the installation to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

People who are local to Southern Florida sometimes prefer to save even more by picking up their own stones tiles. We can also accommodate these local customers by assisting with the loading. You can either call ahead or put your order in when you visit our showroom. If you’re looking for any types of custom cuts, we recommend placing your order two to three weeks in advance.

Place Your Order Today!

Give Nalboor Tiles or visit us online to learn more about our fine products. We take pride in our craftsmanship, and we’ve supplied contractors across the nation with fine natural stone tiles. You can have beautiful marble and granite throughout your building project, and Nalboor Tiles will do everything we can to make the upgrade more affordable and convenient. Place your call today at 305-601-4548 today!