Wholesaler of Luxury Calacatta Gold Marble Tile in Miami

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Wholesaler of Luxury Calacatta Gold Marble Tile in MiamiAs a wholesale building supplier in South Florida, you want to offer your clients a range of high-quality materials at competitive prices. Luxury Calacatta Gold marble is classic choice for interior and exterior construction and decor. If you don’t already have a supply of Calacatta marble in stock, you’re missing an opportunity to become a go-to source in Miami for high-end, luxury marble. We want to give you the information you need to better serve your customers, so read on to learn more about this timeless material!

What is Calacatta Gold Marble?

This classical white Italian marble is characterized by its bold, yet distinctive gray-patterned veining, and subtle feathery streaks of taupe and gold. Calacatta marble was the medium of choice for Renaissance artist Michelangelo, and it has graced the walls and floors of palaces and grand homes for centuries. Calacatta is distinguished from its more common counterpart by its pronounced veining and large, non-linear patterns. The comparative rarity of Calacatta Gold marble marks it as a prized luxury stone with an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic.

The Advantages of Luxury Calacatta Gold Marble Tile

One of the hallmarks of this material is the uniqueness of its distinctive patterns from sample to sample. In fact, you should ask for three samples from the same lot to get an idea of the variations in shade and patterning when choosing your materials. The brightness of the white portions has a certain glow that illuminates a room, making it an excellent choice for builders or design artists who want to create a minimalist space or open up the interior. Bold patterns are dramatic when a large slab is used as a backsplash or to accent a fireplace. The timeless, stately appearance of Calacatta Gold is also prized in commercial applications; the grander the structure, the better it works.

Another consideration when talking to your customers about Calacatta Gold marble is the overall aesthetic of the finish. If they’re looking for the mirror-like shine usually associated with marble floors and entryways, a tile with a polished finish will fit the bill. This is especially suitable in commercial or residential kitchens and bathrooms. For a more subtle, matte finish, a honed tile is the better match. Although it isn’t as easy to keep clean as the polished stone, it lends a creamy, glowing cast that brings out the natural beauty of the tile while highlighting the detail.

Uses for Calacatta Gold Marble

When you think about Calacatta Gold marble, grand entryways and palatial homes come to mind. However, this luxury tile works just as well in corporate settings, especially in highly visible areas due to it superior aesthetics. Calacatta countertops and flooring are found in upscale homes and executive boardrooms around the world. You’ll also find it in luxury baths and designer kitchens of the finest residences and commercial spaces in large, decorative slabs as well as tiles, mosaics, and accents.

This ultra-luxuriant marble is also ideal for:

– interior walls
– vanities
– exterior walls, non-freeze/thaw
– shower and steam room walls
– tub surrounds

Our current inventory includes 12″x12″x3/8″ tiles starting at from $15.95 per square foot and 18″x18″x3/8″ at from $27.95 per square foot. To receive the lowest list price, your minimum order must be one full crate. Vendors with orders larger than 5,000 square feet should request a quote to receive a special container price quote directly from our warehouse.

How to Store Your Marble Tiles

Luxury Calacatta Gold marble can withstand extreme temperatures, but it should be kept in a dry area due to its porous nature. Keeping this material dry also eliminates the risk of staining. Due to its heft, it should be stored on its edge instead of stacked as long as there’s no danger of it falling over.

Nalboor Tiles requires that all orders be shipped directly to a secured facility with a docking station for liability purposes and to ensure safe delivery.

Don’t Go Retail

We focus on selling to builders, architectural firms, and building supply vendors who buy in bulk. Making high-volume purchases ensures that your inventory is from one lot and saves money over retail prices. This also helps with consistency in color and tone when buying natural stone materials that are prone to wide variations in color and patterning. Large wholesale houses like Nalboor Tiles have access to higher quality materials at much larger quantities than your local building supply store. You’ll also have the advantage of warehouse-to-warehouse delivery, flexible payment options, and quality guarantees.

Why Choose Nalboor Tiles?

As a bulk supplier, Nalboor Tiles is able to offer you a higher level of quality and better per unit price over other supply houses. We’re an established, reputable company with knowledgeable associates and a clean, high-volume warehouse. That means consistent quality and reliable availability. You’ll also enjoy flexibility in obtaining your shipment. You can pick up your order or use our fast, secure delivery. Whether you order in person or online, all of our pricing is upfront, which means no surprises at billing time.

We have confidence in our products, and that’s why we want to offer you a little peace of mind before you make a commitment to purchasing in bulk. Prior to placing your order for Luxury Calacatta Gold tile, we invite you to get a free sample and experience the quality of our product first-hand.

Try Nalboor Tiles Today

We’re here to help you provide value and quality to your customers. Request your free sample of Luxury Calacatta Gold Marble today. You can also place your order online directly while you’re here. To learn more about our products and services, contact Nalboor Tiles or call us at 305-501-4548. A representative will be happy to answer any of your questions.