How Rose Travertine Tiles Can Increase the Value of Commerical Builds

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Putting together a commercial project requires asking many questions. You need to understand the climate you are building for, and what materials are durable but are also sustainable and highly attractive to visitors and investors. You also need building materials that are going to keep you within the project’s budget, and rose travertine could bring value and all of the above to your commercial project.

What is Travertine?

Travertine is a type of limestone developed from hot springs and is created by the precipitation of carbonate minerals and water from the ground. That, combined with the heat from the hot springs, develops a robust sedimentary rock.

How to Use Rose Travertine Throughout a Project

Travertine tile has been used in construction for thousands of years and is durable and robust enough for use as building materials for high-foot-traffic spaces. A wide variety of combinations can be used to tie a room together. When working with commercial areas, you need to choose flooring that won’t wear down or have to be refinished or replaced, and rose travertine is a durable choice. Rose Travertine’s use throughout a commercial space can include floors, backsplash, countertops, windowsills and thresholds, and even baseboards and walls.

Benefits of Rose Travertine Tile for Commercial Buildings

The color changes in Rose Travertine are subtle, and that allows the stone to bring some extra style to a commercial space that might be otherwise bland and dull because of a limited budget for décor. Visitors will appreciate the use of natural stone tiles because the beauty of nature can make them feel calm and at ease.

When dealing with high-foot-traffic areas, you need materials that are prone to wear. Travertine is a hard stone that’s resistant to chipping, and can even be more durable than ceramic because of how quickly it cracks. Rose travertine is manufactured and smoothed into the desired shape without the use of harmful chemicals. Visitors to your commercial space will appreciate the use of materials that are beautiful and environmentally conscious.

Rose Travertine Tile is Great for Landscaping!

Commercial spaces often consist of both interior and exterior areas and need building materials that are adaptable to both. Rose travertine use includes patios and porches and fountains and walkways. Tumbled for a rough finish, it provides the traction needed when the surface is wet but keeps the luxurious and consistent feeling throughout both spaces.

Considering the Climate

Commercial spaces have higher liability than residential, and it’s important for contractors to build for the surrounding environment.  In wetter climates, contractors prefer to use travertine in public places. Rose Travertine’s textured finish offers traction that grips just enough to keep visitors and guests safe from slip and falls. This type of finish is perfect for the wet and warm climate of Southern Florida, while the sun brings out the colors in the travertine and makes it even more appealing. However, it’s also an excellent choice for colder climates where customers want to embrace the feel of warmer weather.

Pair Rose Travertine Tile with Matching Décor

Rose Travertine will work with any décor from rustic to contemporary with its neutral colors. The natural stone brightens dull space by reflecting light. It is the perfect finishing touch for everything from modern, black furniture to floral upholstery in a Victorian setting. Owners of the commercial space will appreciate the ability to change their décor without replacing the flooring. Investors will love that the tile will appeal to almost every buyer when they’re ready to sell the property.

How to Maintain and Care for Rose Travertine Tile

Travertine is a popular tile among commercial projects because of its resistant to staining. When working on a business project, your use of travertine will become a key selling point because it minimizes the maintenance requirements. In general, this stone cleans easily by dust mopping followed with a damp sponge. All travertine tiles should be sealed annually to avoid staining, but it is otherwise straightforward to maintain.

Travertine Tile is Good for the Environment

The ability to use pure water and safe cleaners to keep the tiles looking great also protect indoor air quality. With natural stone like Rose Travertine, there are no chemicals leaching into the environment to harm the air quality. Rose Travertine tiles won’t hold dirt and allergens because it is naturally antimicrobial. The stone doesn’t provide a hospitable environment for germs and bacteria to grow and spread.

Cost-Saving Options for Rose Travertine

Travertine is an upscale option with a slightly higher price tag, but there are many benefits to choosing travertine. The warm tone of Rose Travertine tiles gives this tile a warm feeling to any commercial space while helping to save money on almost any project.

A Wide Appeal

Make sure that you’re ready to impress customers and investors and be awarded the highest jobs by offering elegant materials like Rose Travertine. When working on commercial projects, save yourself time and money by choosing a natural stone for both the interior and exterior.

Quality Customer Service

Our customer service representatives are happy to ship crates to your central warehouse or directly to your construction site. All of the shipments are carefully wrapped to protect the tiles from breaking. Some could be damaged upon delivery, but this is normal. Up to 10 percent loss is the industry average, and we do everything we can to minimize the inevitable damage. As a result of our conscious efforts, most of our shipments have losses of less than five percent.

We believe that there are enough details to worry about in the construction of commercial projects, and purchasing your Rose Travertine tile should not be one of them. Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of customer service and answer any questions you have, whether it’s about purchasing or delivery.

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