Wholesale Distributor of Bambu Silk Porcelain Tile in Miami

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Bambu Silk white porcelain tiles will add architectural interest and visual appeal to any home. The soft silver shade works with casual and contemporary decors, and the dark grey veins add movement and style. You’ll love the finished look, and it will make a great impression on clients, visitors, friends, and family alike. When you’re ready to invest in this extraordinary tile, reach out to a domestic wholesaler situated right in Miami. Quality Products at... Read More

Additional Benefits of Using Coral Stone Tile

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Natural stones come in all types of colors and textures. In addition to the smooth, soothing look of marble, you can also go with something that will stand out and draw attention to your home or business. Coral stones have a textured finish that makes them slip resistant, and the natural look is reminiscent of a sandy beach after a light rain. While you may not have given coral stone much thought before, you’ll find... Read More

Exquisite Marble Floors: 5 Options for Hotel Construction Projects

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Construction projects can easily get out of control, so you need to keep the costs in line in order to keep it in budget. You have countless decisions to make and supplies to pick up, but working with a trusted flooring company will help you keep at least one part of your large project on track. Here are five exquisite marble floors that are perfect for that new hotel or a school. 1.           Crema Bella... Read More

Why Condo Developers In Miami Use Nalboor as Their Flooring Provider

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Condo developers in Miami choose marble for their flooring, shower walls, and even patios. They routinely install this natural stone, and they have a vested interest in going with a retailer who can help them keep the costs down while providing them with quality tiles. Nalboor Tiles is one of the most trusted names in the Southern Florida market because we’re able to help contractors save money while making a great impression on their clients.... Read More

How Durable is Wood Look Plank Porcelain Tile?

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People love the look and warmth of wood, but they don’t always love the maintenance that comes with natural oak or cedar. A better option for busy households is wood look porcelain tiles. Available in a range of shades through Nalboor Tiles, a wholesale natural stone tile manufacturer, these options are highly durable, attractive, and the perfect choice for your next renovation project. Ideal for Wet Areas It’s a universal truth that wood and water... Read More

The Benefits of Engineered Stone

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Natural stones are beautiful and durable, but you’ll find that engineered stone is also an excellent choice for many applications. A specific manufacturing process is used to create durable stones that are resistant to water, pure white in color, and able to be used in residential and commercial projects alike. Here at Nalboor Tiles, we’re able to provide you with wholesale rates so that you can finish large-scale projects with this beautiful option. Before you... Read More

Top 4 Dark Color Marble Floors for Your Home

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Marble comes in an incredible array of colors, so you don’t have to choose the white and tan shades that are so popular. In fact, modern homeowners are often more interested in dark shades that will add visual appeal to a room and give it an upscale touch. If you’re looking for darker tones, then Nalboor Tiles has what you’re searching for. We carry the top four dark colored marbles for your home or office.... Read More

Top 5 Light Color Marble Flooring for Homes

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When choosing the flooring shade for your home, you may have your heart set on light shades that will make any space feel larger and brighter. The good news is that you don’t have to settle for white carpet when you want to give your space an airy, modern feel. There are several different light colored options available in natural stone, and every one of them will make your home stand out and attract attention.... Read More

Why Cheap Marble Can Actually Cost You More Money

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Cheap marble looks great in the store, and it may seem like a fine idea for the budget. However, poorly cut stones will only wind up costing you more money in the long run. Before you decide to go with that clearance special, consider a few of the ways that a savings today can wind up costing you more. Here’s everything you need to know about finding and purchasing quality stones that will look great... Read More

8 Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Natural Stone Supplier

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Any time you’re spending a good deal of money on a project, you want to be sure that you’re getting the right quality at a price that fits your budget. There are countless suppliers of natural stone, and it can be hard to know if you’re working with the right company. Here are the top eight things you should look for when choosing a company.  #1 - Access to Materials Some suppliers shop other companies... Read More