Luxury Marble Flooring Options for Commercial Projects

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If your contracting company specializes in building commercial structures, then you already understand the importance of investing in quality materials when it comes to finishings. It can be said the commercial structures endure more wear and tear than residential builds. This is because commercial structures will have more tenants that will attract more people—something that’s not really an issue for residential builds. This is precisely why only the best flooring should be installed.

Commercial structures get bought and sold just like residential builds. However, because commercial builds typically have more traffic, buyers—and especially builders are appreciating the beauty and durability that marble tile has to offer.

Investing in marble flooring serves a two-part purpose:

  1. Marble is Super Durable!

Marble flooring will last longer due to its organic durability. Marble won’t tear or peel up like a laminate floor would. Buyers and tenants won’t have to worry about their floors getting dented up like it would with hardwood flooring either. Furthermore, marble won’t collect dust and germs like carpet would.

Safety First!

Marble is fireproof—a great feature for commercial structures. Anything that will increase safety is always going to be a benefit for the buyer. All of this leads up to cost savings because owners will not have to worry about investing in new carpet or flooring every time a tenant leaves. With commercial builds, there can be multiple tenants or just one. It all depends on how many square feet the space has.

Checking the Bare Bones of a Structure

However big or small the commercial build is, one thing is for certain: when it comes time to buy and sell, buyers will expect for the interior of the build to look good. Commercial property isn’t cheap. While the bulk of the asking price of a commercial build largely is associated with location, a lot of it is also contingent on the health of the dwelling, and how well the plumbing and electric is working. Then there’s the finishings that oftentimes make all the difference in whether you’re closing the deal on a sale or paying another month of mortgage or rent.

Buyers of commercial property understand the value of luxury marble flooring. They know that they won’t have to worry about spending money on replacement carpet, laminate tile, or refinishing wood floors. Any builder who chooses to incorporate marble into any of their commercial projects will definitely see a return on investment.

  1. Marble is Gorgeous!

You don’ t have to be an interior designer to appreciate the beauty of marble tile. Marble is a timeless piece of material that will outlast the trends of interior designs. A lot of this has to do with its organic make up.

These days with all of the technological advancements, you can call Nalboor Tiles and place an order for engineered stone tile, but if what you’re looking for is something organic, then shop our selection of:

  • Adalia Cappuccino
  • Crema Bella and similar tiles
  • Breccia Oniciata
  • Emperador Brown Dark
  • Clacatta Gold
  • Black Basalt Stone
  • Pietra Gris Montana

And more! View our online selection of fine marble tile here.

With Nalboor Tiles, you can purchase your marble flooring in bulk by the slabs in measurements of:

  • 12″ x 12″
  • 18″ x 18″ x 1/2″
  • 24″ x 24″ x 5/8″

The size of the tiles as well as the pricing may vary depending on the type of marble tiles you prefer. If you’re invested in installing floors for the exterior part of a commercial build, then that is a wise choice. When it comes to building commercial structures, the outside of the dwelling is just as important at the interior.

Keeping Curb Appeal in Mind

Owners of commercial property are responsible for the people on their property. Ensuring that the property has paved sidewalks and a decent parking pavement is important. As aforementioned, buyers appreciate anything that’s going to keep their property safe for their tenant and their customers safe.

Investing in quality tile for the exterior build of a commercial project will speak volumes to the overall quality of the structure as curb appeal is also a major selling point for a commercial property. Many times, people will judge a business based on what they see on the outside before ever stepping into the office. By then, it could already be too late. The customers have already formed an opinion about the company and their services. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing though!

Nalboor Tiles also stocks a healthy stock of tumble tiles such as:

  • Crema Marfil Tumbled Tiles
  • Rose Travertine Tumbled Tiles
  • Nero Marquina Tumbled Tiles
  • Emperador Light Tumbled Tiles
  • Emperador Dar Tumbled Tiles

And so many more!

The staff here at Nalboor Tiles understands that our selection is vast. When ordering luxury marble tiles online, there’s really only way to truly know which kind of tile is the right one for your company to stock and also to verify if it’s really a luxury tile: simply order a free sample!

Nalboor Tiles offers you the option of ordering a free sample of marble tile online. All you have to do is click a few buttons, and pay the postage!


Of course you have questions! We expect you to! That’s why we’ve arranged for you to ask us all of the questions you have on your mind on our online form. If you prefer to speak to one of our representatives, then call our Miami location at 305-501-4548 today!