9 Reasons Black Granite Countertops are the Perfect Choice for Kitchens

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In this modern era, shades of black are moving out of the furniture and into the permanent fixtures of homes and commercial builds. One great example is black granite kitchen counters. Perfectly paired with white or cream cabinets, it’s a stunning look that can make any home stand out. However, it’s not just for matching with tones of white or grey. Here are a few ways that you can use black granite counters to give... Read More

Where Can I Find a Wholesale Supplier of Porcelain Tiles in Florida?

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Finding a wholesale supplier of natural stone in Florida may feel like looking for a needle in a haystack, but if you happen to be a builder whose looking for a wholesale provider of porcelain tiles, this might whittle down your options a little bit, but you’re still going to have to find the right kind of distributor who you trust as a business partner. Gain a Business Partner, Not Just a Vendor Whether you... Read More

Tips to Boost a Home’s Value with Natural Stone

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If you are expecting to get top dollar for you’re construction build, then you need to prepare to invest in quality products that will make your commercial or residential build stand out from the rest of the comps. Here’s a rule of thumb to go by when you’re competing in the construction industry: Don’t do what everyone else is doing! Don’t use the same typical flooring options that other builders use just to save money.... Read More

Natural Stone Tiles: 5 Things You Should Know Before Purchasing Online

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As a building contractor, development company, architect, or natural stone reseller, in order to land a bid or close a deal, you have to offer a dollar amount that’s attractive to buyers, yet won’t cut too far into your profits. When your project includes the incorporation of natural stone, that can be a bit of a challenge since this type of building material doesn’t come cheap. The Convenience of Shopping Online So, the solution to... Read More

What Is Engineered Stone Flooring?

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Engineered stone flooring is becoming one of the more popular alternatives to natural stone. Mainly used as an alternative to marble and granite countertops, more homeowners—and commercial owners are starting to appreciate some of the benefits that this man-made stone has to offer in other installations, like flooring for example. But before we talk about the benefits of engineered stone flooring, it’s best to understand exactly what engineered stone is and how it’s made. About... Read More

6 Advantages Of Porcelain Tile Flooring

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Porcelain is a strong building material that shouldn’t be ignored when it comes to installing quality products. This material is known for being just as durable as marble, and in some cases, possibly even better when it comes to maintenance, but we’ll talk more about that later. If you’re looking to lay your floors with alternative marble product, consider porcelain tiles. Here are a few reasons why your contracting company needs to stock porcelain tile... Read More

White Marble Countertops Pros & Cons

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If you were to walk into a kitchen with all white marble countertops, you’re guaranteed to oooh and ahhh!  There’s not doubt about it. White countertops have a strong presence and will definitely make a statement in any room, whether it’s in the kitchen, in the bathroom, outdoors, in the basement, or for commercial use.  Nalboor Tiles would like to give other wholesalers some insight about the pros and cons of white marble countertops. They’re... Read More

Wholesale Stone and Tile for Commercial Projects

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When you win a bid for a commercial project or a developer has personally sought your company out, you want to make sure that you can deliver exactly what they’re asking for, and more! Getting Top Pay for Your Build Commercial products typically require a more durable building material because it’s built to withstand more traffic. Also, the amount of money that is invested in commercial builds needs to render a decent ROI. In order... Read More

Why Stone Surfaces are the Best Material in Kitchens?

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Aside from the floors, the kitchen countertops are the most used surface in a home. For some, if not most household, the kitchen is the heart of a home, especially for families. Typically, at least three meals are prepared throughout the day. That doesn’t includes snacks! Meal prepping can take up a considerable amount of time, which is why most modern builds have the open concept that combines an open and airy space for the... Read More

Limestone vs. Travertine: Which One to Choose?

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Travertine and limestone are often confused, but there are important differences between these stones. It’s important to understand how each one stands up to regular use, foot traffic, and even water so that you can make the right choice for your home. Before placing an order for either one, here’s what you should know about these stones. Travertine is a Type of Limestone Travertine is actually a type of limestone that is primarily made up... Read More