Differences Between the Types of Ivory Travertine Tile

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Turn your television to the most popular home and garden show and guaranteed, you’ll find some type of stone as a decorative feature. For high-end professionals, incorporating stone into a build has become the standard operation. Anything less would be considered outdated.  Many building contractors on the rise may already be well acquainted with marble … Continued

Wholesale Saturnia Ivory Travertine Tile

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More and more, builders and contractors are beginning to understand the advantages of incorporating stone into their building projects. Whether it is used for flooring or a decorative feature, stone offers a timeless design to a structure giving it a look regal longevity that more buyers are looking for in this day and age. Design … Continued

How to Purchase Natural Stone Tiles from a Large Wholesale Distributor

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More builders, contractors and developers, and especially architects are realizing the benefits of incorporating natural stone into their building projects. Producing a product that outlasts the competition and looks good will almost guarantee referrals and repeated business. If an increase in clients is the result, then there is a new set of problems to handle. … Continued

Travertine Distributor in Miami Florida

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When it comes to building designs, the popular choice among professionals who want to make a significant impression on potential customers and colleagues is to incorporate a high-end material such as marble. Having the best of the best shows clients and competitors that your business is doing well, that it is successful and by associating … Continued

Arizona Travertine Tiles for Bathrooms

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If you love the look and feel of marble bathrooms, you may want to take another look at travertine. This natural stone is also durable and it’s highly attractive. However, it carries a lower price point than marble, and that will help you save money on almost any project. The color changes in travertine are … Continued

The Benefits of Travertine Bathroom Tiles

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If you’re tired of the dated bathroom and boring colors, then it’s time to invest in an upgrade that can make the powder room more  attractive while increasing the value of your home. It’s not enough to go out and buy materials that will look great. If you want to  get the best return on … Continued

Beige Ivory Travertine Tile: Create Mediterranean Ambiance

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The Mediterranean style comes from areas around the Mediterranean Sea, including Spain, Italy and Greece. It’s also known as Spanish modern, and you can create this look in your own home with the addition of beige ivory travertine tiles and the right décor. Here are some tips to help you bring this slice of paradise … Continued

Arizona Ivory Travertine Tiles for Mediterranean Ambiance

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The Mediterranean is a place of blue skies, stunning ocean views and cooling sea winds. People flock to this area for vacation because it’s so relaxing and refreshing, and you may have customers who want to recreate the look inside their own home. When you’re meeting with a client for the first time and start hearing them talk about the Mediterranean look, you may want to speak with them about adding ivory travertine tiles to their project. Here are some of the smart ways you can bring Mediterranean styling to any project with these timeless stones.