Porcelain Tile that Looks Like Wood: An Alternative to Wood Floors

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One of the most sought after finishings in a new build—residential more than commercial, could arguably be wood flooring.

The Evolution of Wood FloorsPorcelain Tile that Looks Like Wood: An Alternative to Wood Floors

In the earlier days of construction—in the United States, wood was the preferred choice because it was cheap to get. You could either chop down a tree or salvage wood from ships that had come across the seas. Wood was also lighter to carry, unlike natural stones like marble or travertine.

In the Beginning…

So since wood was the preferred choice for builders in the early days, having wood floors wasn’t all that uncommon. Back then, they were probably as ‘blah’ as some of the old linoleum flooring!

The Linoleum Phase

The wow of linoleum flooring offered in different colors and patterns became the fascination. Eventually, that trend grew old when homeowners began to realize the cost in keeping up these kinds of floors. Linoleum easily scratches and could even rip and tear. Builders soon learned that such a feature could become, but it could also be reduced if they just did away with that altogether and covered floors up with carpet.

The Carpet Phase

At one point in time, wood floors were covered up with carpet, because carpet was the trending finish. It was soft on the feet, came in a variety of colors and it also served as great insulation. But after awhile, homeowners and realtors were beginning to realize that the need for replacing carpet, whether it was for personal preference or for commercial use, was almost just as costly—if not more than laminate. Thus, the appreciation for natural stone came back into play.

Stone Tile. Always the Winner with Contractors!

The thing about natural stone is that it is a costly expense and depending on where you’re building, incorporating stone could be an expense that may not render your money back. So many builders rediscovered the beauty of wood floors and simply refinished them with a protective gloss. Eventually, someone came up with the idea to finish the wood with a protective coating.

The Brilliant Idea of Wood Look Floors

Wood floors is a feature that many buyers appreciate as much as natural stone. However, the drawback to wood floorings could not be ignored. Should you wear the wrong shoes or scoot back in your chair, you’d be sure to scuff the floor leaving a dent in it. While it could be argued that such wear and tear could add character to a build, it might not go over as well for high-end builds as it would for someone trying to sell their log cabin in the woods!

The end result is that buyers where looking for flooring that was a strong as natural stone but looked as rich and cozy as wood flooring.

Introducing Wood Look Porcelain Tile

One of the things that make commerce so great is the ability to build on a idea based on the needs of buyers and make it your own. That is exactly what some genius did! Creating the look of a hardwood floor with the durability of stone required creative ingenuity. First, the stone had to be a kind of material that could be manufactured into looking like real hardwood flooring. Porcelain is the only kind of stone tile that is up to this kind of manufacturing and Nalboor Tiles is the company to do it!

Nalboor Tiles, a Wholesale Manufacturing Distributor of Natural Stone Tiles

Nalboor Tiles produces eight different types of wood look flooring:


  • Alberta CreamThis tile has beige, brown, ivory, and white notes with hints of yellow giving it the look of a lighter-grain wood that is perfect for modern designs.
  • Calgary CremaIf you’re looking for something a little lighter than Vancouver, then this tile will give you a richer feel to a space with it’s brown and cream tones.


  • Vancouver MaroonThis style may very well be the closest to the natural wood grain with its brown, maroon, and red tones. Complete with knotholes, the Vancouver is definitely one of the more popular orders for developing contractors.
  • Vancouver Ceniza This wood look tile is quite similar to Alberta except it doesn’t have the brown and beige tones. The Vancouver blends in a little better as one solid color of grey.


  • Toronto MarfilThe Toronto is a bit more toned down than the Alberta. Having the same color tones, this particular tile is more blended giving a brushed appearance.


 The entire Montreal line at Nalboor Tiles will offer a weathered look. You just need to decide with color tone you want to stock: 

  • Montreal CremaGrayish wood grain comprised of cream, gray, and ivory.
  • Montreal MaroonA mix of Vancouver and Calgary that has the look of an old, traditional unpainted weathered barn house wood.
  • Montreal GrisA weathered looked of a whitewashed Vancouver wood.

All of these wood look tiles are sold in 8″ x 45″ x 3/8″ planks starting at $3.95 a square foot.

What Else You Should Know about Nalboor Tiles

The great thing about shopping from Nalboor Tiles is that you will have the opportunity to place all of your bulk orders online. However, we understand that colors can sometime look different on the computer. Before you place a bulk order, we want you to know exactly what kind of quality product you’re getting. That’s why we offer free samples in 8 x 8 dimensions complete with free shipping—and you can order that online as well!

Visit Nalboor Tiles online catalog of wood look tiles to order your free sample today. If you have any questions about our wood look tiles or any of our other products, call us toll free at 305-501-4548 or contact us online.