7 Reasons to Use Engineered Stone in Development Projects

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Marble Tile for New Residential Apartment BuildingsMarmoglass can be used in all types of applications ranging from commercial settings to residential powder rooms. It’s known for having excellent transparency under different lighting, and it can take your next project to a higher level. As a manmade material, it’s extremely durable, highly attractive, and impervious to water. Here are just some of the ways that people are using engineered stones to make their development projects more successful.

1. Better Durability for High-Traffic Areas

Fired under high temperatures, marmoglass is composed of non-metal materials that are carefully blended before being melted at 1,500o C. The temperature is then reduced slightly and the stone is headed for an additional 36 hours to make it as resistant to damage and corrosion as possible.

The brilliant white tiles can be used in all types of settings from a foyer to the kitchen of a restaurant. It won’t show the wear and tear like vinyl and other materials, and it can actually be more durable than most types of natural stone. If you’re concerned about the floor showing scratches and other signs of wear, then go with marmoglass to ensure that the finished product will look great for years to come.

2. Zero Water Absorption

Marmoglass has the white finish that people love, but it’s also impervious to water. Just as mirrors and glass windows won’t typically become stained by any type of mold or paint, the same features holds true with engineered stones. What happens with most stones is that contaminated water can infiltrate the stone and wind up down in the little nooks and crevices. When the water evaporates, those contaminants are left behind. This is never an issue with marmoglass because the water cannot get past the outer layer. You can wipe it off at any time, and the stone underneath will still look great. This is why marmoglass is a top choice for:

  • Countertops

  • Shower walls

  • Bathroom floors

  • Patios

3. Beautiful Shine with Great Light Reflection

Marmoglass has a perfect white finish with minimal imperfections, and it has the same reflective qualities as glass. This makes it the ideal solution for dark areas that can feel a little overwhelming, such as bathrooms and kitchens that lack windows. The light in any room will naturally be reflected throughout the space when you install full body marmoglass tiles.

Install this manmade option in all kinds of spaces including hotel lobbies, commercial restrooms, industrial kitchens, and even private offices. It can be used in commercial and residential settings, and it’s a great way to brighten up any space that might feel a little dreary. If you want your kitchen to pop, then use marmoglass on the backsplash, and install this manmade stone as an elegant border in your living room to make it stand out.

4. Mix and Match with Natural Stones

Engineered stones also look great when mixed in with natural stones. Use marmoglass as a border around your Arizona Ivory travertine floor, or install it on the floors of your shower and use Calacatta Gold marble on the walls.

5. The Outdoor Choice

As durable as glass but thick enough to handle foot traffic, marmoglass is one of the top choices for exterior applications. Install this material on your front porch, in your patio, or even around the pool. You can use it with your outdoor kitchen and around your favorite gardening spot. It won’t be worn down by the weather, and it can handle the extreme temperatures found in northern climates. If you’re designing an elegant outdoor space for a business, you’ll find that marmoglass is sure to be a hit because it’s low maintenance and highly durable.

6. Perfect for Busy Clients

If you’re working with busy clients who don’t have time to worry about stains and marks, then be sure to sell them on the low maintenance features of marmoglass. It only takes a few minutes to clean, and a steam mop works perfectly. There’s no need to stock up on special chemicals, and you can trust that that surface will continue looking great for years to come.

This is why busy families are starting to incorporate engineered stone into their high-traffic areas, including the kitchen, foyer, and bathroom. The bright white finish is welcoming, yet the material can endure the regular use of an active family. You’ll appreciate it in your own home, and your clients will be impressed with you for recommending it.

7. The Amazing Price Point

Engineered stones are the cubic zirconia of the tile industry. While natural stones are gorgeous and durable, they may not fit in all budgets. Marmoglass has a lower price point, so people can have the durability they want while keeping a close eye on the budget. Choose between full body and laminated finishes based on the individual projects and your needs.

When choosing a supplier for engineered stone, look for a company that’s committed to customer service. Nalboor Tiles is known for delivering high-quality stones at wholesale prices. We work directly with the public as well as contractors, and we’re happy to provide people with attractive rates. Bulk pricing is available, so you can watch the cost-per-square-foot drop as you increase the project size. Our friendly staff is happy to help you place an order, so call us today at 305-501-4548. You can also visit us online today to view our selection and see how marmoglass can enhance your next development project. You can even contact us online.