Why Replacing Carpet with Natural Stone Flooring May Be A Great Idea!

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  • In the world of flooring, you have a wide range of materials to choose from. Many builders opt for carpeting because it goes down fast and has a low cost per square yard, but you don’t have to settle for carpets in your living space. Whether you’re renovating an existing home or building a custom masterpiece, marble floors outperform carpet in numerous ways. You’ll improve your home’s value, make it more elegant, and enjoy the benefits of a durable flooring material. With simple maintenance and better temperature control, you’ll find that this type of flooring can actually save money over time.

    Elegance and Class

    It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a luxurious finish or a more casual home, marble simply looks better. It works with all types of decors from Victorian to contemporary. You can use it to make a powerful statement in the entryway and give the living room a stylish feel. The neutral colors will match your furniture today and the new styles you may want a few years from now, and you’ll never grow tired of the natural finish of your marble.

    Amazing Durability

    Install a marble floor and you’ll probably never have to replace it. There’s a reason why marble is commonly chosen for commercial settings and government buildings. The fact is that marble just lasts longer. It won’t wear down like carpet, and it doesn’t show scratches the way hardwood does. A little maintenance will go a long way towards keeping your floors in top condition and ensuring that they look like new. You can expect to replace carpeting after about seven years, but marble can literally last a lifetime.

  • Simple Maintenance

  • To keep carpeting clean and fresh, you need to vacuum it regularly, treat stains immediately, and occasionally have it steam cleaned. You can spend a small fortune on all the equipment, but you won’t have to when you have marble floors. All you need to clean marble is a damp mop. You can easily protect the surface with special sealers, and scratches can be buffed out when necessary. Over the coming years, you’ll save a good deal of time and money on maintenance.
  • Better Temperature Control

  • Marble is the material of choice in warm climates because it won’t trap heat the way carpet can. You can maintain a cool and comfortable temperature throughout the home by making the switch to marble. While it will be a little cooler on your feet in cooler temperatures, most people find that it’s still comfortable to walk on without socks. If you’re in a cool climate and have concerns about keeping a room warm, then you can always add a luxurious area rug to your seating arrangement. However, you may find that the marble is so attractive that you don’t want to hide it.
  • Boost Home Value

    Savvy homebuyers look at more than the floor plan and location when making a purchasing decision. They also consider the materials that are used throughout the space. They love seeing durable, high-end materials like Crema Marfil marble and granite. More importantly, they’re willing to pay a little more for the upgrades. When you switch to marble, you’ll boost your home’s value for the purpose of building equity, and you’ll see the difference when it’s time to sell.

  • Allergy Relief

  • When people are suffering from allergies, the doctors usually recommend making the home cleaner and safer by going with hard flooring surfaces. Carpeting can hold allergens in place, even after thorough vacuuming. This isn’t a concern with marble because you just have to give it a quick sweep and mop to resolve the issue. Dust and dander have nowhere to hide, so you can breathe easier.
  • Everything Looks Better on Marble

  • Marble is a stunning backdrop for all types of furniture, and almost every style looks better on this natural stone. If you want your bold blue couch to stand out, then marble is the right choice. It makes antiques look right at home, and it gives an edgy polish to contemporary pieces. Selections like Crema River will make any home feel warmer, and Vanilla Oro will brighten up any area with the brilliant white color.

    Customize Your Own Design

  • Carpeting comes in a range of design options, but you’re limited by the colors and patterns offered by manufacturers from one season to the next. Marble, however, can be installed in an incredible range of patterns. Create borders, add medallions, and customize an amazing pattern that will add visual appeal to any room. Use your unique designs to visually establish different seating or activity areas within your home.If you’re ready to upgrade your home, then save money on the flooring by working with a reliable wholesaler. Here are Nalboor Tiles, we have the high-quality marble you’ve been dreaming of at prices that are comparable to other comparables. We sell to retailers and contractors. If you’re worried that high-end marble like Calacatta Gold is out of your reach, then you may be impressed with our bulk rate pricing.
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