What Exactly Are “Tumbled” Tiles and How are They Used In Flooring?

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When choosing tiles for your project, you’ll have several different finishes to consider. While you may be familiar with honed and polished stones, tumbled tiles are another great option that will work in all areas of your home. Here’s what you should know about these attractive tiles and how they can enhance your living space inside and out. They’re easy to care for and highly durable with a rustic look that’s sure to appeal to you.

The Process

Tumbled stones are created through either hand chiseling or by putting them in a rubber drum along with rocks, water, and sand. As the tiles are rolled around in the drum, it leaves little dents in the surface and rough areas around the edges. This is a perfect way to adjust the finish on smaller tiles. However, larger tiles will have to be done manually to prevent them from cracking. Nalboor Tiles also has a machine that can be used to rough up larger stones while still providing a fresh look.

A Slightly Different Look

Honing a stone brings out the natural color, and tumbling the same stone can give it a more muted shade. Tumbling the tiles can also create a chalky look on the surface that may or may not work with your décor. If you want the tumbled texture with a deeper shade, just use a color enhancing sealer to brighten the tones and eliminate the dusty finish.
Tumbled tiles have a rustic appeal that you’ll appreciate. They have a softer finish that works with many areas, including shower walls and patios. Nalboor Tiles carries a range of tumbled tile options, including travertine and marble. We’re able to provide you with a range of impressive shades, including Emperador dark brown and Rose travertine.

Durability of Tumbled Tiles

One of the great features of tumbled tiles is their durability. These stones will last just as long as honed and polished finishes. They’re just as strong, and you can plan on having them in place for decades. Use them throughout your living space from the foyer to the back patio. Our tumbled tiles are typically about 3/8-inch thick, so they’re sturdy enough to be installed on floors and light enough for walls. They can withstand regular foot traffic, furniture, and other heavier weights.

Less Maintenance

One of the concerns with honed and polished tile is that they’ll become scratched with use. The great appeal of tumbled tiles is that scratches and small dents are part of their appeal. You can lead an active lifestyle without worrying about damaging the tiles or marring the beautiful finish. Adding a few little marks will only increase the appeal, and you can update the sealant coatings every couple of years to keep the lovely colors shining through. Whether you go with Crema Marfil or another shade, you can trust that your new tiles will look great while requiring very little care.

Better Traction

Honed tiles have a great polished look as a result of the smooth surface. However, that very smooth surface can be slippery when wet. There are some coatings you can put over smooth tiles to improve traction. The rough texture of these stones provides you with a good deal of grip, so they won’t be slippery when wet.
This makes tumbled tiles a top choice for all types of wet areas. You can use them around the pool deck, out on the patio, as the flooring right outside of your front door, and in the bathroom. They’re perfect for commercial and residential settings because they’re both attractive and durable. When you install them in damp areas, like a patio or bathroom, you can be confident that they’ll create a stable and secure surface for walking.

The Aged Finish

Another great benefit of tumbled tiles is that they have an aged look to them. This makes them ideal for rustic settings where you want something that looks a little primitive while still having a refined feel. The rough texture is perfect for your log cabin, yet can also compliment your modern décor. Any time you want an aged finish with a durable material, tumbled stones should be at the top of your list. When you want a unique design that revels in the imperfections, go with textured tiles.

Ideal for Vertical and Horizontal Surfaces

While tumbled stones are ideal for the horizontal surfaces in your home, they’re also a great addition to walls and enclosures. The soft finish makes them a great choice for backsplashes where a subdued look will be ideal. The stones still have nice level surfaces for a clean installation, but they also have softer edges that blend together nicely. You can still mix different shades to create unique patterns, including Rojo Alicante and Golden Sienna.
When you’re ready to invest in home renovations, look beyond the traditional honed tiles to the tumbled options that are available. We also fill bulk orders. Our wholesale rates will help you save money, and our friendly representatives are here to assist you with any questions you may have about your order. Visit us online or give us a call directly at 305-501-4548 to discuss your upcoming project and see what we can do for you!