Tumbled Stone Ideas For Modern Homes

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Tumbled stones have a softer finish that’s ideal for modern homes. While you may be ready to install polished marble in your living room or foyer, you may find that tumbled looks are better for the kitchen, bathroom, and patio. Take inspiration from design professionals around the country by adding tumbled stones to your indoor living space.

Less than Perfect makes for a Truly Perfect Finish

The imperfect edges of tumbled tiles soften the lines and create an appealing look. The stones are not perfectly square or straight, and that imperfection can help soften an otherwise austere design. Use them to help balance out and soften the clean lines on your patio or a basic pool setup. Anytime you’re working with a space that feels overly harsh or plain, consider adding tumbled tiles to soften those edges and add visual appeal.

Muted Colors for A Soothing Atmosphere

When you want a soothing and relaxing feel, go with tumbled tiles. They have a casual design that’s perfect for a country cottage or even a modern condo in the heart of the big city. You can give your bathroom an antiqued finish that will help you relax after a long day, and most kitchens can benefit from the addition of tumbled tiles over a granite counter. If you want a deeper color but love the idea of the slightly roughened finish, then apply a special sealer that will bring out the beautiful shades while still maintaining the soothing look.

Soaring Overhead

In ancient times, bricks were used in everything from the walls to the soaring ceilings overhead, and you can still have the same finish created today. Rather than paying a small fortune to have a skilled bricklayer handle this difficult project, you can have tumbled tiles installed on your overhead spaces. This is particularly attractive in outdoor areas and foyers. You can also go with a brick area behind and directly above your stove to create a fun, historic feel in the kitchen.

Mix the Colors

Monochromatic themes are appropriate for any home, but you can add visual appeal and interest by boldly mixing colors. Tumbled tiles come in a variety of shades ranging from soft white to the lovely Rojo Alicante with its shades of maroons and reds. Use contrasting colors to make a border in your kitchen backsplash, highlight the center of your bathroom wall, or let one wall of your outdoor kitchen stand out. You can also mix the hues to create fun and attractive patterns throughout your home.

Combine Sizes

You love the random finish of tumbled tiles, and you can take it a step further with a random pattern. The tumbled tiles come in a few different sizes, so you can let the patterns take on a life of their own. We offer small tumbled tiles in rectangular and square shapes, so you can let your creative side shine with unique patterns. Go with coordinating colors for a subtle finish, or let the size variance really stand out with contrasting shades.

Right by the Smooth Tiles

You don’t have to commit to tumbled tiles throughout an entire space. Use tumbled tiles on the side of your tub and then put smooth marble options on the main walls. Let the backsplash in your kitchen shine with glossy granite tiles while using tumbled tiles on the floor for greater traction. The play of light reflection and contrast in finishes will make your home stand out and keep things interesting. Nero Marquina tiles feature a soft black shade with white veining, and the tiles will look stunning against any lighter colored marble tile in a smooth finish.

Bring Out the Unique Edges with Contrasting Grout

After choosing the perfect tumbled tiles, be sure to look at contrasting grout so that you can make the unique nature of these tiles show up. While matching grout will minimize lines and smooth out a surface, using the contrasting grout will draw more attention to the special finish of your tumbled tiles. While opposite shades might be too overwhelming, you can still make a statement by using soft gray grout with red tiles or combining a bright white filler with light tan and brown tones.

Use the Lighting

Highly polished stones reflect light to brighten a space, but the muted finish on tumbled tiles will tend to absorb the light. This is part of why rooms with tumbled stones have such a relaxing feel to them. If you want the patterns and finishes on your tiles to stand out, then you may need to add lighting in some key areas. A tumbled stone finish over your stove looks amazing when it’s illuminated by a spotlight. Use undercabinet lighting, recessed lights, and other features to help your beautiful tumbled tiles get the attention they deserve.

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