South Florida Tile Distributor of Engineered Stone

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With the current construction boom taking place throughout South Florida, developers and contractors need to stay ahead of the competition while staying within their allocated budget. At Nalboor Tiles, a wholesale manufacturer of natural stone tiles and engineered stone based in Miami, Florida, we know first-hand that engineered stone is becoming one of the more popular … Continued

Top 5 Natural Stone Tiles Used for Minimalist Kitchens

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When most people think about minimal kitchens, they might think of pure stainless-steel appliances and dark countertops that are cold, hazardous and not suitable for a home with little kids. They might also believe they are unwelcoming. But what many people don’t realize is that minimal kitchens rely on traditional materials, like natural stone, and … Continued

How Durable is Wood Look Plank Porcelain Tile?

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People love the look and warmth of wood, but they don’t always love the maintenance that comes with natural oak or cedar. A better option for busy households is wood look porcelain tiles. Available in a range of shades through Nalboor Tiles, a wholesale natural stone tile manufacturer, these options are highly durable, attractive, and … Continued

The Benefits of Engineered Stone

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Natural stones are beautiful and durable, but you’ll find that engineered stone is also an excellent choice for many applications. A specific manufacturing process is used to create durable stones that are resistant to water, pure white in color, and able to be used in residential and commercial projects alike. Here at Nalboor Tiles, we’re … Continued

Best-Price Wholesale Marble Tile in Miami

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These days you’re almost guaranteed to find new builds with some kind of natural or engineered stone in it. Which one and what kind is really a trend as there are mosaics and different types of stone that are made to look like wood. Of course when it comes to interior design, it’s all about … Continued

Deciding Between Marble or Porcelain Tile

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You’ve been tasked with choosing between marble or porcelain tile for your company’s office, but you don’t know the difference between the two. Given a jump-start with Google searches and images provided in an email from your boss, you decide to take research into your own hands and learn as much as you can about … Continued

Versatile Ways to Use for Marble Mosaic Wall Tiles

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Marble mosaic wall tiles come in sheets for easy installation, and they can be used in an incredible array of projects. While you may know that they’re a great choice for the kitchen backsplash, they can actually be used throughout the home. When you’re working on a home improvement project and want a unique look, … Continued