Additional Benefits of Using Coral Stone Tile

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Additional Benefits of Using Coral Stone TileNatural stones come in all types of colors and textures. In addition to the smooth, soothing look of marble, you can also go with something that will stand out and draw attention to your home or business. Coral stones have a textured finish that makes them slip resistant, and the natural look is reminiscent of a sandy beach after a light rain. While you may not have given coral stone much thought before, you’ll find that it’s actually the ideal solution for your front porch, patio area, and even around the pool. Here are the top benefits associated with using natural coral for the floors in your living space.

Low Heat Absorbency

Walk across a blacktop surface in the summer and you’re likely to blister your feet. A wood deck can also feel uncomfortably hot if it’s been in the sun, and even white concrete can reach scalding temperatures that make it hard to go barefoot. However, coral stone has a low heat absorbency level that makes it ideal for hot summer days. It won’t rise to the higher temperatures of asphalt, concrete, wood, and even wood composite materials. By keeping this surface a little cooler, you’ll keep your family safer and more comfortable when they’re out enjoying the yard or pool.

Use coral stone tiles in any location that receives direct sunlight throughout the day. It’s an elegant selection for the pool area of a high-end resort, and it will also be at home on a personal patio in the suburbs. Use it for stepping stones in the garden, in any outdoor seating area, and even on the front porch.

Excellent Durability

A product of nature, coral stone is able to withstand all types of weather conditions. It won’t degrade under the intense sun, and it’s not harmed by hot temperatures. It can be wet without damaging the surface, and it can even survive in areas by the coast where salt water is an issue. This makes it a great selection for Southern Florida and all along the Gulf Coast as well as the Caribbean.

As a porous stone, it may not be the best choice for outdoor applications if your climate sees regular freezing temperatures. However, it’s an excellent choice for people living in Miami and throughout the Caribbean. You can install it outdoors with confidence, and you can trust that it will last in the interior, high-traffic areas for decades.

Beautiful Color for a Great Accent

Accentuate your pool or patio with this beautiful white tile. The neutral shading of coral stone is ideal for balancing out Adalia Cappuccino, or Arizona Ivory Travertine. It will brighten up any décor and help you maintain a light, welcoming feeling. Use it as a border around your pool deck to clearly mark certain seating areas on the patio, or even as a backsplash in the kitchen. You can even use them as stepping stones out in the yard to break up the span of turf and make your home exterior feel more inviting.

The neutral color will never fall out of fashion, and it works with all types of architectural styles. Use the coral stone to enhance every space in your home from the kitchen to your formal living room. You can even use it as a stepping stone at the foot of your deck stairs.

Perfect for Wet Floors

Floors are slippery when wet, but this isn’t a concern when you go with smart coral stone. This is because coral stone is considered the most slip resistant natural stone currently offered. Made from inactive coral found in the sea, this very porous stone allows water to essentially move through it. Rather than sitting on the top and puddling, it drains away quickly so that you’ll have a safer walking surface. Featuring natural dips and divots, it provides you with a good deal of traction so that you can confidently walk across the stones even when they’re wet.

This is why coral stone is becoming increasingly popular around pool areas. Concrete can become slick as water puddles on it, and smooth tiles will be difficult to walk on. However, coral delivers excellent traction levels that you’re sure to appreciate.

Interior Uses

People commonly put coral stone outside of their home, but you can bring it to the great indoors. Use it in your foyer to help brighten up the space. Install it as a wall surface in the bathroom or a backsplash in the kitchen. You’ll want to install a waterproof surface behind theses stones in most applications in order to keep them looking great for decades to come.

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