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Bambu Silk white porcelain tiles will add architectural interest and visual appeal to any home. The soft silver shade works with casual and contemporary decors, and the dark grey veins add movement and style. You’ll love the finished look, and it will make a great impression on clients, visitors, friends, and family alike. When you’re ready to invest in this extraordinary tile, reach out to a domestic wholesaler situated right in Miami.

Quality Products at Wholesale Pricing

Whether you want Bambu Silk white tiles for your personal renovation project or as part of a major hospitality remodel, you need quality products that will stand up against regular foot traffic and use. We maintain high quality control standards so that we can deliver tiles that are precisely cut and consistently finished. Edges are straight, dimensions are correct, and the overall look is impressive. You’ll spend less time sorting through the tiles for good pieces so that you can start the installation process sooner.

Filling Bulk Orders

This beautiful tile looks great in a powder room or foyer. It’s used in restaurants and retail settings. When you’re working on a large project and need to place a bulk order, Nalboor Tiles is here to help you. We’re able to handle those large renovation and construction projects because we specialize in floor tiles. We can meet your demands and even provide you with additional tiles down the road. Not only will you be able to get all the tiles you need from one manufacturer, but you’ll be able to order matching pieces if you ever need to replace pieces or a client asks you to use the same tiles in their project.

Domestic Warehouse for Faster Delivery

If you’re in the United States or Caribbean, then you’ll love how fast we’re able to deliver our Bambu Silk tiles. We’re located right in Miami, and we work with trusted, national shipping companies to provide our clients with quick deliveries. Once your order is placed, our warehouse will get right to work packing the crates and preparing everything for shipment. You can have your tiles in place and ready to go in very reasonable time. While you might have to wait weeks on end with other wholesalers, this is never a concern with Nalboor Tiles.

We also make it easy to work with these heavy materials by delivering them right to your warehouse or job site. When you buy from a store in your town, you still have to spend time making the selection, loading it up, driving back to your location, and then unloading everything. By ordering from Nalboor Tile, you can skip all of these tedious steps. Have us deliver to the location of your choice so that you can save on time, labor, and frustration.

Color Options

We offer a range of different colors in these smart tiles. In addition to the silvery white tiles, we also have Bambu Silk Taupe porcelain tiles with a darker tone. The Canapa tiles have a light crosshatch denim texture and are available in black, grey, and ochre so that you can create the perfect look for almost any project. You’ll love the casual feel, and your clients will appreciate how easy they are to take care of. Here at Nalboor Tiles, we strive to help contractors and homeowners alike by carrying a great selection of attractive natural stone and porcelain tiles. With our excellent rates, you can afford to upgrade your own home or go with a more impressive look on your next remodeling bid.

Wholesale Pricing

We offer wholesale pricing to the general public. This means that you can save substantially over your traditional home improvement stores by working with a company that specializes in fine flooring materials like marble and Bambu silk tiles. We’re also able to offer you lower prices on larger orders, so you can save even more by ordering in bulk.

This is why contractors throughout Florida and around the nation rely on Nalboor Tiles. We’ll help you keep the costs down on those large projects, and homeowners can also save on their smaller jobs thanks to our reasonable fees. Before paying retail or even settling for a simple holiday sale, visit us online to see how attractive our wholesale prices are and let us help you save money.

Great Customer Service

In addition to having the top porcelain and natural stone tiles for modern homes, we also provide great customer service. Our experienced representatives will answer your questions about delivery periods and help you with your order. They can provide you with valuable information about the durability of different materials and what areas they’re best suited to, and they’ll go over the entire order to ensure that your needs are met. If you ever need to order more tiles, we’ll make that easy by providing you with the same high-quality, beautiful tiles that our clients are accustomed to.

Make your next project look incredible by choosing Bambu Silk White porcelain tiles or one of our other attractive choices. The uses are limitless, and you’ll benefit from the great durability of porcelain. Whether you’re a contractor trying to reduce expenses or a homeowner stretching the budget further, we’re here to serve you. Visit us online or call us directly at 305-501-4548 to learn more about Nalboor Tile and see how we can help you with all types of projects.