Why Cheap Marble Can Actually Cost You More Money

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Cheap marble looks great in the store, and it may seem like a fine idea for the budget. However, poorly cut stones will only wind up costing you more money in the long run. Before you decide to go with that clearance special, consider a few of the ways that a savings today can wind up costing you more. Here’s everything you need to know about finding and purchasing quality stones that will look great now and in the decades to come.

-Inconsistent Finishes

You choose marble for the variety, but you still want some consistency of color and grain as the tiles flow across your room. As the tiles come in to the warehouse, they need to be carefully sorted and labeled so that styles can be stored together. When you’re looking at cheap marble, you have to wonder where they’re cutting corners to provide the steep savings. If they’re rushing through the sorting process, then you can wind up with some unwanted differences as Crema Bella marble tiles could be inadvertently stocked with Crema River tiles.

When you buy from Nalboor Tiles, you can be confident that all finishes are appropriately labeled and organized. Your order for Bianco Dolomiti or Adalia Cappuccino tiles will be properly filled so that you can have a beautiful finished result.

-Odd Sizes

When laying tiles, contractors rely on consistent sizing to maintain clean grout lines. This is harder to accomplish if the tiles have slight variances between them. Mistakes can be made, but we take the time to check our tiles and remove the ones that don’t meet our high standards. Sometimes, buying cheap tiles means that you’re getting those less-than-perfect pieces. While they can still be installed, the contractor is likely to charge you a premium for the extra work required. Any savings you gain from the initial purchase is likely to be offset by installation labor later.

Our manufacturers are highly experienced, and they use very specific protocols to achieve the highest level of consistency. You can be confident that our 18-inch tiles will have nice clean-cut lines, correct sizing, and solid corners.

-Shipping Damage

If you’re ordering the discount tiles online, then you should be concerned about damage in transit. You don’t want to try working around a bunch of broken tiles to get the job done. However, low-cost tiles are often shipped using the cheapest methods available. They’re loosely packed with minimal protective material, and the shipping companies themselves won’t take any extra precautions to avoid damage. As a result, you can open the crate only to find that half the tiles are damaged and will be difficult if not impossible to use. Any savings you initially enjoyed will be wiped out completely when you have to order 50% of the tiles again.

We understand that the tiles are fragile before they’re installed, so they need to be packed with care. That’s why we use durable crates along with plenty of protective materials. We also have contracts with some of the most trusted companies in the nation to ensure that the tiles arrive in good shape. A certain amount of breakage is unavoidable, but we strive to keep it below 10% on every shipment. Most contractors add 10% to their measurements to allow for mistakes, so that typically leaves our customers in good shape.

-Reordering is Difficult

Discount suppliers also provide people with cheap rates by carrying a small inventory of each item. They may be working with a mine that’s slowly fading, or they may be picking up remnants of crates from different stores. In this case, getting more stones in the same shade will be a challenge when the time comes.

It may seem like this doesn’t matter as long as you order enough the first time around, but it can wind up costing you dearly if you need to replace broken tiles from the crate or discover that your measurements were off. If you’ve purchased an obscure shade that was marked down really cheap, then you could be looking at replacing the entire floor sooner than you wanted to.

We sell marble that comes from our own mines, so we know what’s available and how our inventory is. We can supply you with all the Calacatta Gold marble that you want, and we’ll continue to have it available for years to come. When it’s time to expand the floor into another room, you can still place and order and take advantage of our bulk rate pricing.

-Store Problems

When you stumble across a great deal at a local store, it can be hard to pass it up. However, you need to consider your own time and how you’ll transport that kind of weight back home. Loading the tiles in your car can damage your suspension, plus you’ll have to spend your own time loading the tiles in the store, getting them into the car, driving them home, and then unloading them at the project site.

We save our customers time, money, and frustration by working with a great shipping company. They’ll deliver a pallet right to your warehouse so that you won’t have to worry about a thing. You’ll save your gas, time, and your back!

-Thickness Matters

Cheap tiles may be priced low because they’re not as thick as traditional floor tiles. As they’re subjected to regular foot traffic, they’re more likely to crack or become chipped. The tiles will have to be replaced more frequently, and you may wind up having the entire floor redone as a result.

All of our tiles, including the Rojo Alicante marble tiles, are cut to 3/8” or ½” so that they can be installed on floors or walls. You can walk across them with confidence, and they’re sure to look great.

Rather than settling for cheap tiles and hoping that they work out, go with Nalboor Tiles high-quality tiles at bulk-rate pricing. We have special rates available, but we never take shortcuts on our quality. Our friendly customer service agents will help you make the right choice, and we’ll get your shipment out in a timely manner. Visit us online or call 305-501-4548 today to place your order.