The Benefits of Engineered Stone

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Free Wholesale Marble Tile Samples in Miami, FloridaNatural stones are beautiful and durable, but you’ll find that engineered stone is also an excellent choice for many applications. A specific manufacturing process is used to create durable stones that are resistant to water, pure white in color, and able to be used in residential and commercial projects alike. Here at Nalboor Tiles, we’re able to provide you with wholesale rates so that you can finish large-scale projects with this beautiful option. Before you decide to go with any other type of finish, consider these key benefits associated with Marmoglass or engineered stones.

Double Processing

Traditional glass is fired once, but engineered stone is fired twice to closely replicate the intense pressure that forms natural stones. The products are twice melted and crystallized to develop a finished material that’s as durable as Mother Nature’s products. After the first furnace firing forms crystallized granules, the material is fired again to melt and crystallize a secondary layer. This man-made stone is actually stronger than natural stones that are less resistant to damage. When you’re dealing with high-traffic areas, this is a smart option because the tiles are so resistant to scratches, chips, marks, and stains.


Engineered stone is waterproof just as glass is. You can safely use it as a backsplash in the kitchen, tub surround, or on the bathroom floor. Its water-resistant nature means that it’s not prone to staining, so you can expect this product to look amazing for decades to come. Use it in outdoor settings when you want smooth tiles and pure white shades. Homeowners with kids sometimes prefer Marmoglass for the floors because it delivers a higher level of protection from water. Likewise, many hotels are switching to the Marmoglass in their in-suite bathrooms for the same reason. Use Marmoglass as a bar area, around your outdoor kitchen, and even on your front porch.


One downfall of more porous materials is that bacteria can hide out in the pores and become difficult to remove. With engineered stone, this isn’t a concern. It’s solid substance and smooth surface are resistant to water intrusion. Water, bacteria, and germs sit on the top of the stone, so they can easily be wiped away. Busy families and chefs alike appreciate this quality in kitchens. You can cut directly on the glass without worrying about scratches. Once the surface is properly cleaned, cross-contamination won’t be an issue.

Consistent Coloring

Sometimes you want the natural dance of colors found in Arizona Ivory Travertine or natural marble, but other times you want a basic white color that will serve as a neutral backdrop. If you’re looking for pure white coloring with consistent shades, then Marmoglass is the right choice. This manmade product is known for consistent coloring that will never fade or change. The shade does go all the way through the stone, so your cut sides will have the same tones. Grout the floor with a white grout for an incredible, monochromatic finish. Alternatively, you can go with contrasting grout to make the white color stand out even more.

Easy Care

This non-porous material is extremely easy to care for. Generally you just need a damp rag to make it shine again. Most spills will wipe right up, and you won’t have to worry about staining if you don’t see something immediately. Just as you can use basic chemicals like vinegar with glass, you can also use your favorite combinations on the Marmoglass to make fingerprints vanish and restore the shine. When working up plans for a commercial site, this can become a major selling point for active businesses. If you’re working with residential customers, you’ll find that they appreciate the potential cost and timesavings associated with easy-care products.

Brighten Up Dark Spaces

Rooms that are short on windows can seem dreary and bland. You can brighten them up by going with Marmoglass for the floors or other key areas. Rather than trying to fit in a few more windows, choose this white-engineered stone for your finishing materials.

This is also an eco-friendly move. When you reflect more light throughout the space, it allows you to make use of the natural light that will flow into the area. You’ll minimize the need for artificial light during the day and help future owners keep their electric bills down.

The Border, Highlight, and Accent Piece

Get creative by mixing Marmoglass with other materials. If you’re going with a beautiful medallion over the stove, consider a border of brilliant white stones. Use as a simple backsplash to make the transition a natural stone countertop to a painted wall. It’s a lovely accent piece around a bathroom sink or shower, or you can use it around the perimeter of a room to help mark different working areas. Available in different sizes, you can easily cut this stone on-site to make it work with all types of areas.

Nalboor Tiles: Quality Stones at Wholesale Prices

Nalboor Tiles maintains a solid inventory domestically, so we’re able to ship these stones throughout the country and even into the Caribbean. We maintain low prices through strict quality and cost control standards. We always put our customers first. Your cost will go down as the order size goes up! So, call us today at 305-501-4548 or visit us online to view our selection, and then ask as questions! Our representatives will be standing by to help!