Natural Stone Tiles: 5 Things You Should Know Before Purchasing Online

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As a building contractor, development company, architect, or natural stone reseller, in order to land a bid or close a deal, you have to offer a dollar amount that’s attractive to buyers, yet won’t cut too far into your profits. When your project includes the incorporation of natural stone, that can be a bit of a challenge since this type of building material doesn’t come cheap.

The Convenience of Shopping Online

So, the solution to stocking your warehouse with a variety of natural stone tiles is to order online because that’s pretty much how everyone is conducting business these days. Ordering your building supply material cuts down on the time it would take to peruse the massive selection of different types of natural stone a supplier has on hand at his or her warehouse.

Oftentimes, ordering online can be cost efficient, because the wholesaler can afford to cut down on the price since he or she doesn’t have to pay for the expense of a brick and mortar location. Purchasing natural stone online is actually becoming more common for this industry. The less time an owner has to spend in the warehouse figuring out what type of natural stone to stock, the more time that can be spent on growing the business.

Helpful Tips for Online Purchases

Whether you’re considering buying natural stone tiles online for the first time, or have been doing it for a while, the distributors at Nalboor Tiles, a marble and natural tile distributor in Miami would like to impart some helpful tips to anyone who is in the business of purchasing natural stone tiles online.

We’ve been in the natural stone distribution business for some time now, and we fulfilled thousands of online purchases. During this time, we have advised our customers on the best practices for purchasing natural stone tiles online.

  1. Determine How Much You’ll Need

This is most important. Believe it or not, most purchasers may not have a clue as to how much natural stone tile they need to stock, much less what kind. Many purchasers are just calling around to get the unit price of tile. However, when you’re shopping natural stone tile at wholesale prices, quantity plays a huge factor in what the end cost will be. So, getting the unit price on one crate of tiles will quite naturally be more expensive than purchasing two crates, but when you’re looking at the long-term expenses, you’ll be able to get a bulk amount of natural stone for a lesser unit price than if you were to purchase one crate. It’s always better to look at the bigger picture.

  • Account for future projects

When you’re looking at the bigger picture, thinking of how much natural stone tile you’ll need for your current project as well as the unforeseen projects—the need to stock as many crates of natural stone tile as possible becomes more of a priority than you can possibly imagine. What if business picks up and you can’t take on another project because you don’t have the inventory to finish it by that client’s deadline? One of the quickest ways to lose money in this kind of industry is to miss out on potential building projects. One building project might be able to sustain your company for another year or so. You just never know! Also, be sure to order more than what you think you’ll need. It’s important to account for broken inventory, or any last-minute add-ons.

  • Find Out What the Unit Cost Is

This goes back to point #1. If you’re shopping online for natural stone tile, the original price per unit on the website may not be the price you have to pay. This is all determined on how much tile you buy. That’s why it’s best to determine what the cost is based on how much you need to purchase.

  1. Assess a Distributor’s Own Inventory Supply

When it comes to stocking natural stone, the options are plentiful. You can lose a lot of time trying to figure out what kind of natural stone to stock in your warehouse. Nalboor Tiles offers marble, limestone, coral stone, and travertine in large tiles of dimensions ranging in sizes of 12” x 12”, 18” x 18”, and 24” x 24” as well as tumble tiles.

  1. Determine the Quality of the Material

The one drawback with purchasing anything online is spending time choosing the right color only to discover that the actual product is totally different. Nalboor Tiles has eliminated that concern. We do this by providing all of our serious buyers with a FREE SAMPLE of stone tile that can also be ordered online. This gives our customers the reassurance that they know exactly what they’re buying. All of our samples are shipped via FedEx Ground.

  1. Budget for Shipping and Handling

The cost for shipping and handling can quickly bump up the price of your purchase order. Since shipping and handling is mostly determined from the weight of a package, you can expect that the cost for shipping natural stone tile is definitely an expense to budget for when shopping online.

  1. Find a Good, Reliable Wholesale Distributor

Reliability is key in the construction-building business. You need to have a natural stone distributor who is more like a business partner than a vendor. It’s essential to have a supplier that is able to fulfill any purchase order, no matter how big or small—especially if it’s on a frequent basis. Not every wholesale distributor can promise this to you.

Nalboor Tiles owns our own quarry overseas in several continents, so we will never run low on the type of natural stone tile you need. With our warehouse strategically located in the Port of Miami, we always have a consistent incoming shipment of the finest quality tiles. Place your order online with us today, or call to speak to one of our representative at 305-928-7646.