9 Reasons Black Granite Countertops are the Perfect Choice for Kitchens

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Best Examples Of Rooms With Black Marble Tile FlooringIn this modern era, shades of black are moving out of the furniture and into the permanent fixtures of homes and commercial builds. One great example is black granite kitchen counters. Perfectly paired with white or cream cabinets, it’s a stunning look that can make any home stand out. However, it’s not just for matching with tones of white or grey. Here are a few ways that you can use black granite counters to give your kitchen some flash and style.

1. Make the Island Stand Out
A current trend is to go with contrasting cabinets and countertop for the kitchen island. You can have oak cabinets and Crema Bella counters throughout your kitchen and still make your island look more like a decorative piece of furniture by using dark wood cabinets and the black granite top.

This is a particularly attractive choice when you’re dealing with a large space and a unique island. The central point will stand out more and become the highlight of the kitchen rather than disappearing into the background.

2. Neutral Finish with Beautiful Colors
Colored cabinets are also hitting the mainstream as people move away from wood tones in favor of jewel tones. Have your cabinets finished with beautiful aqua colors or any other shade and then finish them off with the black granite. Black has always been a great neutral shade, and it looks amazing with almost any color.

If you’re living with dated cabinets that are still structurally sound, then this is a great way to update the entire space for less. Have a painter professionally sand, prime, and paint the cabinets to a color that you love. Then top it off with brand new black counters for a fresh look that is sure to please you.

3. Yes, Black Works with Warm Woods

It’s a myth that black and brown don’t mix. While warm shades of granite will look amazing with your oak or maple cabinets, black is also a top choice. Carry the look across the room with stainless steel appliances for a cohesive finish and attractive style. In fact, you can even pair your black granite counters with copper sinks and other shades of brown and tan.

4. Ideal for the Bathroom, Kitchen, and Bar
Black counters will work in any room from your basement bar to the bathroom and main kitchen. It’s easy to keep clean, and it’s sure to look great for years to come. Whether you prefer the smooth finish of black basalt stone or you want the variety of Pietra Gris Montana, the black counters will give your space an updated, sophisticated look that works with most decorating styles.

When it comes to choosing the right pattern for your space, it’s all about personal style. The solid tones can make an expanse of counter seem larger. However, the lighter shades of Pietra Gris can create movement to add interest to a long span that might seem boring and overwhelming otherwise.

5. The Classic Functional Kitchen
Another option is to leave the colors behind and go with a monochromatic finish in black and silver. Stainless steel cabinets are available, or you can just have your wood fixtures painted with a stunning silver tone. Top them with black granite, and then highlight the cabinets with contrasting knobs to finish the look. If you’re worried that this might feel overwhelming with your upper cabinets, then consider going with open shelves or doors with glass inserts. Frosted glass will add interest to the space while minimizing the view through the glass.

6. Expand the Space with Matching Backsplash
If you want to expand the space visually, then go with a matching backsplash. You can seamlessly take your black granite across the counter and right up the wall to the cabinets above. This will make the room feel larger while giving you a coordinating backsplash that will show off your favorite items.

7. Balance the Dark Tones
It’s important to balance out the dark shades with lighter tones. This is why people commonly go with white cabinets around their black countertops, but this is not your only option. Light walls and floors will also help balance out the stark tones of your black counters. Open spaces such as shelves can also help balance out the dark colors of your counters. Remember to install plenty of lighting to maintain that bright and welcoming feel. In addition to spotlights in the ceiling, consider undercabinet lighting to illuminate your work area, brighten the room, and give it a luxurious feel.

8. A Gorgeous Backdrop
Larger kitchens can handle some additional seating, such as a few bar stools around the island. When you have black granite, deep tones and dark upholstery will look sharp. You’ll love the appearance and how easy it is to care for. You can also have fun with your accessories. Red kitchen appliances are hot right now, and you’ll find that the black counter is a great backdrop to your favorite red mixers.

9.Easy to Care For
Black granite is not prone to staining, and it’s easy to care for. Sealing the granite annually will protect it from a range of damage, so you can use your stone countertops with confidence. Heat won’t bother the material, and it can be cleaned with gentle dish soap.

If you’re ready to give your kitchen a facelift, make the switch from laminate counters to elegant black granite. You can rely on Nalboor Tiles for beautiful stones at wholesale prices. We offer shipping throughout the United States and the Caribbean, and you’ll appreciate our great customer service. Call us today at 305-501-4548, or visit us online to learn more about our selection.