Why Stone Surfaces are the Best Material in Kitchens?

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Aside from the floors, the kitchen countertops are the most used surface in a home. For some, if not most household, the kitchen is the heart of a home, especially for families. Typically, at least three meals are prepared throughout the day. That doesn’t includes snacks! Meal prepping can take up a considerable amount of time, which is why most modern builds have the open concept that combines an open and airy space for the kitchen and living room to share. Many home “chefs” prefer to be engaged with other family activities that are going on in the household while their preparing dinner whether it’s just for socializing or supervising children.

 Countertops Bring Rooms Together!

Whatever the reason for an open concept kitchen, the barrier between both spaces needs to bring the two rooms together. This idea is perfect for modern day builds because the countertop provides the perfect barrier.

 From a design perspective, the best way to bring a kitchen and living room together is by selecting a quality countertop that will complement the living space and the kitchen. Incorporating natural stone as a countertop is going to be the best choice for builders who are looking to achieve such a look.

 Why Inferior Building Materials Won’t Work Better

 Using a stone surface for kitchens instead of laminate or any other kind of inferior material might look somewhat acceptable, but it’s not going to look as gorgeous as a natural stone. It’s also not going to be able to withstand the normal wear and tear that most countertops endure. Stone countertops will be able to stand against food prepping of sharp knives, hot pots and pans, heavy grocery bags, and even fire! It’s a building material that won’t require any type cumbersome maintenance.

 Stone is More Durable

 Natural stone surfaces are stronger by nature and provide a higher grade of sophistication that brings simplicity, yet elegance to a space. It’s overall surface and coloring offers a diverse array of selections to serve as an accent piece. If you’re looking to build a fleet of homes, then you may want to go with a more neutral look that will appeal to a wider market of buyers.

 What to Choose for Kitchens?

 The type of natural stone surface that you can choose for your kitchens is a wide selection. First, you need to decide what kind of stone would best suit your design.

 Nalboor Tiles, a natural stone wholesale distributor based in Miami, Florida has a wide selection of natural stone for you to stock your warehouse with.

Choose from:


Marble is the most popular type of natural stone that most builders prefer when it comes to incorporating it into a new kitchen build. Its fireproof properties make it a favorable selling point for building contractors. If you’re looking to stock a bulk amount of marble countertops for a fleet of residential builds, then the Crema River, Crema Bella, Crema Marfil Marble, Vanilla Oro, and Adalia Cappuccino are the most highly recognized products in the market that brings a unique character to a build, yet neutral enough to appeal a large buying audience.

Bolder tiles like Emperador Brown and Pietra Gris Montana creates a dramatic effect to a kitchen/living room space.


 Nalboor Tiles carries three kinds of travertine tile suited for kitchen countertops: Arizona Ivory, Saturnia Ivory Light, and Colliseum Rustic Sawcut.

 Travertine is best suited for outdoor kitchens because of its rustic texture that provides an extra-added grip that you can’t get with marble stone. Travertine is a porous rock that requires an annual sealant that will prevent discoloration of the surface. Because of its noticeably larger pores, travertine’s surface gives off a matte-like finish providing a rustic look and feel to a space. It’s also great for farm kitchens and country countertops.


 If you’re contracted to build restaurants, then you want to achieve the industrious look of a 5-star professional kitchen with Black Basalt Stone Tile that provides a sleek and smooth surface to prepare elegant dishes on. Its solid color provides a balanced look to a high-end restaurant kitchen that might otherwise offer a sterile and stale feeling.


 This is the second-most popular natural stone to stock in your warehouse for kitchen countertops. Depending on your buyer’s preference, limestone can be a little less expensive than marble stone, but the colors offered would be more on the lighter side because of the way they were made. Unlike marble, limestone is formed above ground in caves and near hot springs. As a result, very little color is formed in theses stones.

 Nalboor Tiles offer the following limestone options: Mocha Crème, Champagne White Limra, Fantasy Blue and Shell Reef.

Coral Stone

 If you’re looking for a smooth countertop option, this may not be your first choice for an indoor kitchen. However, for outdoor kitchens that have hearths and pizza ovens, this is the perfect decorative stone to incorporate as a surface.

Natural stone surfaces are durable, fireproof, and look great as countertops for indoor and outdoor kitchens. They’re also useful for wet bars, restaurants, and perfect for open concept kitchen and living room spaces.

 Nalboor Tiles offers free samples to serious buyers who are interested in getting a bulk stock of natural stone tiles. Call us today to inquire about your free sample at 305-501-4548 or contact us online!