Wholesale Cream Limestone Distributor in Florida

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Limestone and travertine are used extensively in both interior and exterior building projects throughout the state of Florida. Their popularity as a flooring tile, patio covering, or bathroom wall finish is evident in the sheer number of homes and offices utilizing these natural stone materials. Especially favored are the cream and ivory tones, and these stone tiles are quite affordable when obtained from a direct importer and distributor. The Nalboor Tiles website showcases the natural... Read More

Crema Marfil Marble Wholesaler In Florida

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The popularity of marble as an interior building material has never been greater that it is today. Unfortunately, this material is costly unless purchased in large quantities or obtained directly from an importer/wholesaler. One of the most desired marble styles is the classic cream and beige, a natural stone that blends perfectly with other medium or neutral tones. This type of marble is available from Stonexchange, a Florida-based distributor with direct connections to overseas manufacturing... Read More

White Marble Tile Distributor for Your Luxury Bathroom in Florida

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Everyone loves the beauty and durability of natural stone. Marble is especially popular as a flooring tile material, and the lighter shades blend extremely well with medium-to-dark colors used for interior decoration. Finding affordable marble tiles means going straight to the source, namely the manufacturer and distributor. The Nalboor Tiles website offers individuals and merchants the opportunity to view the premium marble tiles offered by Stonexchange, a Florida-based importer of fine-quality marble and other natural... Read More

Wholesale Travertine Mosaic Distributor

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When you are designing a dream home for a new client, it’s important to consider materials that stand out from the ordinary and make the property more attractive. Whether you are building a custom home, a series of upscale properties or redesigning and existing patio for your customer, you should consider including beautiful travertine mosaic tiles in the design. Appropriate for commercial and residential use, travertine mosaics are a valuable addition to both interior and... Read More

Best Price on Polished Travertine Tiles in South Florida

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Polished travertine tiles have a beautiful shine that reflects light around the room. It’s easy to care for, durable and luxurious. An exotic choice for any Miami home, it’s being used in upscale homes and businesses around the country for flooring and wall coverings. Here are a few of the ways you can use travertine in your design or contracting business, as well as the benefits of ordering from the top wholesale supplier in Miami.... Read More

Distributor of Travertine Tumbled Tiles in Miami

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Tumbled travertine tiles are a stunning addition to a home. The light texture in them creates a soft, muted finish that works beautifully in larger areas, and the texture also makes them a safer choice for areas that will be wet. They are easy to install and care for, and they can be used throughout the home. Here are a few ways you can use travertine to delight your customers. Tumbled Tiles for a Safer... Read More

Bianco Dolomiti Vs Calacatta Gold Marble Tiles For Your Bathroom

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A light shade of marble looks exceptionally bright and clean when installed in the bathroom. The near-white color is accented by gray or light cold streaking patterns, complementing the jewel tones of the bathroom quite nicely. A popular style of white marble is Calacatta, a specialized type of marble from Italy and other parts of the Mediterranean. This family of light-shaded marble is extremely difficult to come by. An alternative is Bianco Dolomiti, an beautiful... Read More

Wholesale Select White Carrara Marble at Discounted Prices in Miami

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Marble tiles, thresholds, and window sills are becoming increasingly affordable thanks to the direct import and distribution service provided by Stonexchange. We are a natural stone importer located in Miami, Florida, and we provide top-quality material to construction companies, flooring product retailers, and home improvement centers. One of our most popular marble styles is Nuevo White Carrara, a beautiful white-and-gray stone taken from quarries in the Mediterranean region. White marble has long been the stone... Read More

Wholesale Tumbled Stone Tiles Designs

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Natural stone tile greatly enhances the beauty of any home or commercial interior. Tiles made from marble, travertine, engineered stone or ceramic are very affordable when purchased in bulk and from a direct importer/distributor. Construction companies, floor product retailers, and even individual homeowners look for the best prices on stone tiles, and their aim is to find affordable product without sacrificing quality. Stonexchange offers premium quality tiles at the lowest possible wholesale prices. We are... Read More

Natural Stone Tile for Interior Floors

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There is nothing quite like natural stone tile. Marble, granite, or travertine is not only breathtaking in appearance, it is also a sound investment in the future value of the property. However, the key to making this investment worthwhile is locating a source of material that is affordable. Natural stone is expensive unless purchased in bulk quantities. The material must be extracted, cut, shaped, and polished or honed. It must be carefully packed, shipped with... Read More