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Crema Marfil Marble Wholesaler In FloridaThe popularity of marble as an interior building material has never been greater that it is today. Unfortunately, this material is costly unless purchased in large quantities or obtained directly from an importer/wholesaler. One of the most desired marble styles is the classic cream and beige, a natural stone that blends perfectly with other medium or neutral tones. This type of marble is available from Stonexchange, a Florida-based distributor with direct connections to overseas manufacturing operations.

The Nalboor Tiles website features a large selection of natural and engineered stone products available at wholesale prices from Stonexchange. Our company is dedicated to bringing the finest marble tiles, thresholds, window sills, and shower curbs into the United States and marketing them at prices that are far below retail. One of our most popular tiles is Nuovo Crema Marfil, a shade that matches the well-known Bursa and Botticcino.

Marble Does Not Have To Be That Expensive The process of extracting marble from quarries, transporting the slabs to a fabrication center, cutting them into sheets, and shaping them into perfectly formed tiles, sills, or thresholds is in itself an expensive, time-consuming undertaking. The labor involved is the biggest cost factor, followed by the difficulty in transporting this heavy natural product. Importing marble into the United States is not cost-efficient unless the crates or ocean-going containers are packed full, with the entire load destined for a single purchaser.

Stonexchange has solved this problem once and for all. Our company owns and operates the manufacturing centers where the marble is shaped into its final form. We oversee the shipments, operate our own distribution center, and offer our products directly to individuals and commercial clients. There is no middle-level reselling involved, and this helps to cut costs tremendously.

We offer our products to merchant retailers, construction companies, and even individual consumers. However, the larger the order placed by the customer, the greater the cost savings. Our products are available at truly wholesale prices, and our selection of premium quality stone in the styles most requested by clients is second to none. Our Nuovo Crema Marfil tiles, Sahara Marfil sills and thresholds, and all of our other fine marble products have been expertly cut and polished, are shaped to exacting dimension standards, and are guaranteed to match the style specified by the designer or interior decorator.

Buying from a retail outlet that purchases marble from a broker will always be more expensive. Purchasing the material from a retailer that does not specialize in natural stone also means higher prices. This is because the merchant does not normally place bulk orders for marble, granite, travertine, or other stone material. Working directly with the importer/distributor has its advantages.

Some Information About Nuovo Crema Marfil This is the name given to our cream and beige marble tile listed and featured on the Nalboor Tiles website. The stone is a light tan in color, streaked with slightly darker vein patterns, and has medium reflectivity. Interior decorators often choose this shade when creating a living room, kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom design. This shade blends well with most other neutral tones, and also complements medium or dark shades of wood or upholstered furniture.

Crema Marfil also contains a good amount of variety in the streak patterns. This means that installers have a multitude of placement patterns available to them, assuming that the amount of tiles is quite large. No two floors or walls look quite the same when cream/beige marble is utilized, so every owner is able to enjoy a truly custom look.

Botticcino and Bursa Beige are two marble shades that all designers are familiar with. Our company’s Nuovo Crema Marfil tiles are the perfect replacement for both. Stonexchange also carries the popular Sahara Marfil, available in cuts for window sills and transition thresholds.

We Deliver Throughout Florida Stonexchange is constantly importing vast quantities of Crema Marfil stone, and we maintain a large inventory of the products at our Miami distribution center. Customers throughout Florida can place an order for floor tiles, window sills, or thresholds online, in person, or via fax. We will generate an immediate price quote and give the client an estimated delivery date and time.

We use local couriers or freight companies to deliver the product. Large orders are packed into a specialized delivery container or carefully wrapped onto a pallet. The product is sent to the customer’s address, ready to be unloaded with a lift truck.

Remember, stone products advertised by Stonexchange on this website are fabricated, shipped, and sold by the same company. This means that our clients enjoy working directly with the producer of the marble itself. The result is lower prices, speedy delivery, and guaranteed quality.

Some Popular Ideas For Crema Marfil Most property owners prefer an interior that is highlighted by a single style and shade of marble. The floor tiles, thresholds, and window sills must match perfectly or the visual effect is ruined. The idea behind using a single shade of marble for the floor, sills, and floor transitions is to create a secondary accent, one that blends with the primary color of the room as well as the furniture that will be placed there.

Crema Marfil floor tiles look their best when the primary wall colors are lighter or darker. The furniture will stand out nicely if the primary shades are dark, silver, or white. The exception to the rule of color blending is in the kitchen, where Crema Marfil is often used as part of a backsplash design.

A kitchen backsplash utilizes several different shades of natural stone. Crema Marfil will look its best as a kitchen backsplash if it is riddled with inset pieces made from marble, granite, or travertine. The medium shade of the backsplash mentioned here will stand out nicely when set above a countertop that is lighter or darker than the cream marble backdrop.

Nalboor Tiles features a showcase page that represents the look of various marble installation patterns. The experts at Stonexchange will be more than happy to discuss the various ideas for mixing and matching shades of marble. Our company is not satisfied until the customer has recognized the perfect shade, pattern, and style of marble for the job at hand.

Standard And Non-Standard Sizes Most marble tiles are fabricated in squares that are 12-inch or 18-inch. Many retailers and home improvement centers are not connected directly with a supplier that can produce custom-size product. Many brokers and resellers work only with the standard sizes because they are more easily ordered at any time of year.

Stonexchange can produce Crema Marfil tiles, window sills, and thresholds that are customized in terms of their length and thickness. Our company will do this without any additional fees attached to the order. Remember that custom-sized pieces are fabricated on an as-needed basis at the fabrication centers, and this means that a lead time of up to two months is to be expected.

Crema Marfil tiles featured on the Nalboor Tiles website do not have a fixed price. The cost depends on the number of tiles ordered. Stonexchange also has minimum piece counts on some of the other marble products such as thresholds and window sills. These specialty marble products are generally purchased by flooring companies, construction contractors, or independent installers who require bulk shipments of stone material.

Regardless of the number of pieces ordered or whether the purchase contains a single style of marble or is a mix-and-match order, delivery is very prompt. Unless the order contains custom sizes of tiles, floor saddles, or window sills, shipment from our company’s distribution center in Miami usually occurs within just a few business days.

You’ll Notice The Difference Stonexchange does not sacrifice quality for a lower price. Our Crema Marfil marble products are of superior quality and are sure to please the buyer. We are able to offer true wholesale pricing because we are indeed a wholesaler. The difference is that we are also the manufacturer and importer, and this is why you will save money when doing business with us.

Contact us today and find out how much you can save on premium quality natural stone products. Whether you are an independent floor product installer, a retail merchant, or a property owner, you will notice the difference in working directly with a manufacturer of beautiful, natural marble stone. Remember, we ship your order right to your door, and we guarantee satisfaction with our entire line of marble products.