Natural Stone Tiles For Public Construction in Metropolitan Areas

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Public construction projects are designed to create a workable combination of visual appeal and functionality. Whether it be a public library, underground transit station, or municipal courthouse, the overall design must meet or exceed criteria specifying user-friendliness, materials durability, and long-term maintenance costs. Natural stone is often used as an accent material for both indoor and outdoor finishing surfaces, and finding a suitable supply of product at an affordable cost is of prime importance to... Read More

Nationwide Distributor Of Marble Tile Floors

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Marble is the perfect flooring surface material. This natural stone will increase the value of the property while at the same time creating a truly magnificent interior atmosphere. Marble is somewhat expensive, but buying direct from an importer/distributor can result in remarkable savings for the contractor as well as for the end-user. Many companies and individuals looking to surface an interior floor with marble find that obtaining the desired style and color is not always... Read More

Mosaic Patterns for Churches

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Mosaics constructed of glass, travertine, ceramic, or marble have long been a popular accent material for church interiors. Centuries ago, architects charged with the job of creating religiously themed interior designs contracted local masons to come up with spectacular insets made of natural stone. Today, stained glass and highlighted stone mosaics are still an integral part of religious architecture. Locating an affordable source of top-quality mosaic patterns is easy. Choosing a direct importer of natural... Read More

Luxury Marble Flooring Options For Your Home

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Marble flooring not only beautifies the interior of the home, it also increases the value of the property. Marble is long-lasting and requires little maintenance. This material is also more affordable than ever before. Marble is quarried in various parts of the world. It is formed over a period of millions of years, the result of tremendous pressure from the earth's tectonic plates. High pressure and high heat combine to form a dense stone, and... Read More

White Marble Design Ideas For Your Home

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Homeowners and business property owners love white marble. Its shimmering appearance is quite dazzling, and the light shade works well when set against darkly toned furniture and appliances. The most often-asked question regarding white marble concerns its durability and resistance to color fading. Polished marble will resist fading and absorption of moisture better than a stone that has been honed. However, remember that all marble will slowly absorb water or other liquids. The process is... Read More

How To Install Marble Tiles Without Professional Help

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A marble tile floor is breathtaking in it appearance, and it sets the tone for decorating the entire room. Natural stone is long-lasting and greatly increases the value of the property. Many homeowners choose to install marble flooring themselves without professional help. The task is not all that difficult, but locating a supplier of affordable yet high-quality marble can be a frustrating task. Marble is shipped from overseas quarries to the United States in ocean-going... Read More

Best Wholesale Marble Tiles for Public Projects in Miami

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Miami is home to some truly stunning architecture, with a tendency toward a combination of classic and contemporary design. Natural stone tiles are frequently used for both the interior and exterior of commercial buildings. Marble is the preferred stone material for wall and floor coverings in government buildings and other public structures. A contractor bidding for a marble tile installation project - particularly a project for a large public development - wants the best deal... Read More

White Marble Tile Flooring Selections in Florida

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The beauty of natural stone tile is enough to make this product type a favorite among homeowners and interior designers. However, the real advantage to using stone tile is long-term cost savings. Properties that include the use of marble tile appreciate in value over the years, and the material itself needs little maintenance and upkeep in order for it to retain its wonderful appearance. White marble is a symbol of fine taste, chiefly because this... Read More

Cream Marble Home Design Ideas in Florida

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Marble has long been a primary finishing material in Florida residential and commercial construction. This natural stone product may cost a bit more than ceramic or hardwood, but the upfront investment is more than offset by the long-term savings. Marble stands up well to scuffing, does not require constant polishing, and beautifies an interior like no other material can. Cream and ivory shades of marble are favored by those who wish to allow for the... Read More

Luxury White Limestone for Outdoor Patios

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An outdoor patio or sun deck is highlighted by the material used for the base. Natural stone is perhaps the most popular of these materials because it lends an authentic, rustic look to the overall design. The patio surface is often constructed with the same type of stone as the adjacent steps and walking paths. Limestone and travertine are favored as a patio or deck surface because their textured appearance blends well with the surrounding... Read More