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vaselli-marmi-travertine-bathtubs-sailingWhen you are designing a dream home for a new client, it’s important to consider materials that stand out from the ordinary and make the property more attractive. Whether you are building a custom home, a series of upscale properties or redesigning and existing patio for your customer, you should consider including beautiful travertine mosaic tiles in the design. Appropriate for commercial and residential use, travertine mosaics are a valuable addition to both interior and exterior areas. Here are a few ways you can incorporate these tiles into your design plan and information on finding the best travertine mosaics.

Clever Uses for Travertine

When you are designing the home, business or remodel, there are several smart ways to use travertine mosaics. They are beautiful as floors, backsplashes and even counters, but there are other clever uses for travertine that you may not have considered.

Framing the Fixtures

If you are building a new subdivision and want to impress potential home buyers, look for little details that will stand out and make an impression. Most builders use simple wood to frame their windows and mirrors, but you can choose something different. Use mosaic travertine tiles to highlight the mirrors in the bathroom and draw more attention to the window frame in the kitchen. A luxurious surround for any simple fixture, it gives the space an opulent look that your customers will appreciate.

Unexpected Coverings

Delight your client with unexpected wall coverings. While covering an entire bathroom in mosaic tiles can be overwhelming, putting these small times on one wall can make a dramatic impact. Make an alcove for a simple sink more stunning by filling the recessed wall with mosaic tiles in stunning travertine. The color variation and light reflection will make the space feel brighter and larger. It’s an updated look that will make any home remodeling project more successful and ensure that your clients are thrilled with your work.

Decorative Touch Over the Stove

Your customers will appreciate how easy it is to clean a tile backsplash in the kitchen. You can fill the entire wall with simple tiles in beautiful colors, but a mosaic centerpiece above the stove will become an incredible centerpiece. Highlight the focal point with special trim tiles to make the mosaics stand out and look even more impressive.

The Outdoor Kitchen

When you are designing an outdoor kitchen, consider mosaic travertine for the backsplash and work surfaces. Installed on a level surface with the grout sealed, it can become a stunning counter that can handle the rain, sun and regular use. It’s a dignified touch for this rustic space, and it will transform a simple patio area into a stately retreat that your customers will look forward to using.

Windowsills and Thresholds

Builders usually place wood in these areas, but wood has several drawbacks. Exposed to the moisture that may come in, wood tends to rot. It must be sanded and repainted every few years, and it’s the industry standard that is put in most home. However, your clients aren’t interested in the industry standard. They want materials that will stand out and look better. Travertine windowsills are a unique and attractive addition that will please your clients and last far longer than wood.Benefits of Choosing TravertineYour customers demand the best, and you have built a reputation for delivering the best. If you are stocking a retail store, you want quality materials that will suit your customer’s needs and last. When you are designing a new living space for a customer, you want to focus on the high-end materials that they appreciate and expect. Your customers will love their new travertine mosaics, and they will have more faith than ever in your advice and your skills.

Beautiful Colors

Made by nature and used as a construction material for thousands of years, travertine has stunning colors. The earthy tones and shades or cream, brown and even gold are appreciated by people all over the world. It’s a neutral choice that matches everything and looks incredible with any décor.

Tumbled or Polished

Finished to a smooth polish or tumbled slightly for texture, travertine is available with difference finishes. The smooth surfaces are ideal for use in the shower and kitchen, but the tumbled stones are the best choice for any exterior application or areas where the stones will be wet and greater traction will be necessary.

Idea for Under-Floor Heating

If your customers crave even heating directly below their feet, then travertine flooring is one of the best choices. The natural indentations and fissures allow heat to travel easily through the stone to help keep your customer’s feet warm even during the cold months of winter.

Cool in the Summer

In addition to being perfect for specialized heating systems, travertine also stays cool under your feet in the summer. Your customers will find that it’s easier to cool the home when they have invested in travertine.

Clean and Eco-Friendly

Unlike carpet, mosaic travertine tiles will not absorb dust mites, hold onto chemicals or trap grease and odors. It is easier to clean, and that’s better for your client’s health. It is also easily cleaned with a damp mop and water. Homeowners who are worried about the environment appreciate the fact that they can avoid harsh chemicals when they make the switch to travertine.

Durable and Economical

Initially, your customers may not like the price of travertine mosaics. However, it is actually a very economical choice because it is so durable. Carpet will have to be replaced in a few short years, and hardwood will have to be refinished after about ten years. Travertine mosaic tiles, however, can last in the home forever. The durability of this stone makes it one of the most economical choices available.

Ordering Travertine Mosaic Tiles

When you decide to invest in travertine for your projects, it’s wise to choose the right supplier ahead of time. Stonexchange is one of the top suppliers in the industry. Based out of Miami, we work closely with overseas manufacturers to bring you the highest quality stones available. We offer our customers the following benefits to ensure that you have the tiles you need for all of your projects.

Tile Selection

In addition to mosaics in beautiful travertine, we also carry pavers, pool copings, thresholds, sills, shower caddies, shower curbs, shower seats and tiles. If we don’t have what you need in stock, we can create a special order for you. Please bear in mind that special orders take two to three months to arrive from our manufacturer, and there is a minimum quantity associated with special orders.

Crates Available

We ship small to medium size orders with crates. If you order between 50 to 100 and 1,000 pieces in a month, then this is the right order size for you. Replenish the orders as your inventory runs out to ensure that you always have the tiles you need on hand. Most orders of these sizes are filled and shipped the same day so you can benefit from the fast service.

Large Containers

Our customers who order more than 2,000 pieces at a time usually receive full containers. As with crates, containers are delivered directly to your location, job site or customer’s home. We ship directly from our warehouse in Miami to save you time and money.

Low Prices

We have developed amazing relationships over the years with both suppliers and shippers. We can bring you the most reasonable prices as a result. In fact, we can provide you with a better price than you would get by trying to order direct from most manufacturers. We also have lower prices on shipping to help you keep expenses in line.

Large Inventory

We appreciate that you have customer orders to take care of and projects to complete. Once you decide to use travertine for a project, you need to have the project delivered as quickly as possible. In addition to offering same day service and fast shipping, we also maintain a large in-house inventory to help you save time and money.

Experienced Sales Staff

If you still have questions regarding travertine mosaic tiles or our services, we are happy to assist you. Our trained staff is on hand to answer your questions and help you with your order. Our team is dedicated to customer service, and we are standing by to serve you.Whether you are building a new housing development, constructing a commercial building for medical offices or renovating one home, there is a use for travertine mosaic tiles in your project. It’s an upscale addition that makes a powerful statement and will delight your customers. Work with a supplier that can provide you with quality materials, reasonable prices and fast shipping. Stonexchange specializes in window sills and thresholds, but we also carry an impressive selection of travertine mosaic tiles.

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