White Marble Tile Distributor for Your Luxury Bathroom in Florida

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White Marble Tile Distributor for Your Luxury Bathroom in FloridaEveryone loves the beauty and durability of natural stone. Marble is especially popular as a flooring tile material, and the lighter shades blend extremely well with medium-to-dark colors used for interior decoration. Finding affordable marble tiles means going straight to the source, namely the manufacturer and distributor.

The Nalboor Tiles website offers individuals and merchants the opportunity to view the premium marble tiles offered by Stonexchange, a Florida-based importer of fine-quality marble and other natural stone products. Prices vary depending on the quantity and actual style purchased, but all who choose to buy direct from the manufacturer will be pleased at the actual cost per square foot. If you need white marble tiles for your luxury bathroom, Nalboor Tiles and Stonexchange are the names to remember. A Direct Importer of White Marble Tiles Marble tiles are cut and shaped from thin sheets of natural stone, taken from quarries in various regions of the world. This rock is very hard, has marvelous striations and vein patterns, and gives off a lustrous shine when polished. Marble is an excellent investment in the property because it requires little maintenance, lasts for decades without fading in color, and actually helps to lower energy bills.

White marble is very popular because it complements most other interior decorating shades. White and cream/beige marble tiles are often specified in building plans, and the eventual owner of the property can choose from several different shades that work nicely when set against medium or dark tones. Homeowners who are planning a remodeling of the bathroom often look over the different shades of cream and white marble, eventually choosing a color and pattern that will look fine when complemented by jewel tones.

Stonexchange carries a line of the most popularly requested white and near-white marble tiles. Our company has thoroughly researched the design trends, especially those in Florida, and the resulting product line indeed reflects the style of light-shaded marble most sought by homeowners, property developers, and independent installers. We not only make these tiles available to the general public as well as retail merchants, we can also offer lower-than-average pricing because we are the manufacturer and importer as well as the wholesaler.

Partnering with the manufacturing operation and performing our own importation of natural stone means lower freight costs and no fees paid to middle-level resellers. The customer enjoys lower prices on each and every one of our styles of marble tile, and the shipping and receiving of our product is carried out at our local Miami distribution center. We maintain a high level inventory and can ship product to the customer in as little as two business days. How the Process Works White marble is a natural stone that is brilliantly light in color, with or without predominate streaking. Several different shades are popular in both residential and commercial structures. Homeowners and construction contractors are often given color blocks that show the actual shade of stone, but finding the right match at the right price can be difficult to say the least.

Marble is cut into large slabs and then thinned into sheets using specialized cable or circular saws. The tiles are then cut, the corners and edges are straightened, and the top surface is polished. The tiles are graded according to color and streak patterns, packed into large ocean freight containers, and sent to all corners of the earth.

Stonexchange owns or works in partnership with these overseas manufacturing centers. We constantly import vast amounts of white marble tile. Because our costs are lowered by the importation of full container loads, customers purchasing from us will notice significant savings if large quantities are bought as a single order. The more tile purchased, the greater the savings.

Even if the buyer is a homeowner needing only a few dozen tiles to complete the bathroom remodeling project, the per-piece cost for white marble will be lower than what he or she would pay at a retail outlet. The Nalboor Tiles website has an entire page dedicated to the showcasing of natural stone products, and the light shades of marble are prominently displayed. The actual cost will vary depending on the amount of product ordered, but all customers can expect truly wholesale pricing when buying direct from Stonexchange. Beautiful Tiles for Your Bathroom Anyone shopping for premium white or off-white marble tiles will notice that different shades have their own unique veining or streaking patterns. These striations are caused by different rock compounds present when the marble was formed over millions of years. Many people prefer the brilliant white marble from the southern part of Europe, particularly the quarries located in Greece.

Bianco Dolomiti is a nearly pure-white marble offered by Stonexchange. This marble tile has medium-depth gray streaks and is quite shiny. It is the perfect choice for bathrooms because it complements jewel tones quite well. It also looks exceptionally nice when the bathroom is fitted with large mirrors.

Nuovo Crema Marfil is a light shade of marble that is creamy beige in color. It blends well with neutral tones and looks very nice when complemented by a darker shade of natural stone used for bathroom countertops. This marble has irregular striations and veins that are light brown, and the placement patterns for these tiles is virtually limitless in number.

Vanilla Oro is an off-white marble streaked with light beige veins. It is popular as a wall tile and looks its best when complemented by darker shades used for interior decoration. It is very classic in appearance and has medium reflectivity.

These tiles are normally sold in 12′ X 12″ square pieces, but customers are invited to ask about custom sizing on all tiles sold on the Nalboor Tiles website. Stonexchange does not charge extra for non-standard size orders, however the customer may have to wait several weeks for special fabrication and processing of the material.

In addition to the light shades of marble mentioned above, Stonexchange carries a line of medium-shade tiles, floor thresholds, and shower curb material. Our company also distributes travertine, granite, and paver stones. Larger construction or remodeling projects often call for the use of several of these materials, and Stonexchange makes it very easy to obtain everything needed, all shipped as a single order if the customer desires. A Special Announcement for Merchants Stonexchange is the company carrying the product lines displayed on the Nalboor Tiles website. We are a direct importer of fine-quality marble, and we specialize in full-crate or full-pallet orders sent to retailers all across the state of Florida.

Our clients include home improvement centers, independent installers, and local/regional retail merchants. Flooring companies sell the bulk of their product to construction contractors, and these orders increase in frequency when the merchant can promise a large amount of material within a very short time frame. Our customers have come to recognize us as a leader in the importing and distribution of luxury marble tiles for the bath, bedroom, or other interior living space, and we maintain a huge inventory of product at our Miami distribution center.

Our line of white marble tiles travels a great distance from the quarries to the manufacturing centers and ultimately to our warehouse. However, we can pass the cost savings we experience directly to our commercial clients. We invite all merchants who advertise white marble tile for sale to check out our selection, pricing, and delivery information. Attracting and keeping buyers starts with a reliable source of product, and that is exactly what Stonexchange offers.

You will be working directly with the manufacturer. Stonexchange is able to keep product costs well below market average because we act as our own import service, quality control, and advertising agency. Our business depends on the feedback from our customers, and our reputation as a supplier of fine-quality white marble is growing daily. We Guarantee Satisfaction with Your Product Whether you are a do-it-yourself home remodel guy, a local merchant who needs to satisfy repeat orders for white marble tile, or an independent installer wanting the best price on natural stone products, Stonexchange has the material you need at a cost that is truly wholesale. Check out the entire line of marble tiles featured on this website, and contact us with any questions regarding delivery times, special non-standard orders, or our other fine natural stone products. We are your direct connection between marble quarries and the finished tiles you desire for your luxury bathroom or other interior space.