Wholesale Natural Stone For Your Bathroom Floor

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The price of natural stone flooring tile is dependent on three factors. The first is quality, the second is quantity of material purchased, and the third is product source. Installers looking for a good deal on natural or engineered stone for bathroom floors can take advantage of true wholesale pricing when doing business with Nalboor Tiles, an online store featuring the finest selection of top-quality materials from Stonexchange. Popular bathroom flooring tile materials include marble,... Read More

Wholesale Luxury Beige Marble Distributor in Miami

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Marble is commonly seen in flooring and even shower walls, but most people don’t know it’s also used in window sills. Beautiful and sophisticated, marble window sills offer many benefits to home and business owners alike. Interior decorators that choose this material will make an incredible impression on their customers, and builders who upgrade to marble instead of wood will enjoy a competitive edge over other builders. Make the Sale to Your Customers Whether you... Read More

Wholesale Honed Finish Travertine Tiles in Miami

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Miami is known for its beautifully decorated home and office interiors. Natural stone products such as travertine are popular for use as floor surfaces, sills, and thresholds. However, the only way to obtain this material at favorable prices is to purchase from a direct importer and wholesaler. Fortunately, those contractors and retailers in South Florida needing large amounts of honed finish travertine tile are just a phone call away from the best prices in town.... Read More

Wholesale Travertine Mosaic Tiles For Kitchen Backsplash

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A popular addition to a new or remodeled kitchen is an attractive backsplash. The wall covering behind the range and countertop can be of glass, ceramic, marble, granite, or a combination of these materials. Some of the most commonly used design ideas integrate mosaic tiles, travertine inset pieces, or travertine and glass patterns into the natural stone used to cover the wall surface. Stonexchange is a premier importer and distributor of granite, marble, and travertine... Read More

Polished Crema Marfil Tiles at Wholesale Prices in Miami

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The beauty of marble is unmatched by any other flooring surface. This material has been prized by architects and builders for centuries. Polished crema marfil marble tiles at wholesale prices don’t always mean low prices, however. For the very best deal on crema marfil tiles, consider buying from Stonexchange. Stonexchange is the premier flooring tile distributor in the Miami area. Our clients enjoy the lowest prices in the industry, reliable shipping and delivery, and unbeatable... Read More

Wholesale Beige Arizona Ivory Travertine in Miami

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The renewed popularity of natural stone tiles for use in residential or commercial properties is largely due to the affordability of the product. In past decades, stone tiles such as travertine and marble were very expensive to obtain. Today, direct importers acquire huge amounts of these products and distribute them to home improvement centers, construction companies, and flooring tile retailers. Stonexchange, a Miami-based manufacturer and importer of natural stone, offers some of the lowest prices... Read More

Best Priced Travertine Wholesaler in Miami Florida

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Travertine is a readily available product. Used primarily as a building material and floor/wall covering, travertine is versatile and creates a beautiful look to a property's interior or exterior. However, travertine is heavy, making it rather costly to ship and distribute. In Miami, travertine is one of the most popular stone materials used for outdoor walkways, patios, and garden walls. It is also commonly used to decorate interior walls in the form of mosaics and... Read More

Wholesale Marble Tiles at Affordable Prices in Miami

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The inclusion of marble in residential or commercial construction makes all the difference when it comes to value, appeal, and property sales. Marble tiles are preferred as a surface material because of the extremely beautiful look they give to a living room, kitchen, bath, or bedroom. The problem with marble is its price, even when ordered wholesale. Bulk shipments ordered by direct importers are the best way to obtain the highest quality marble at the... Read More

Wholesale Travertine Floor Tiles in Miami Florida

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Miami is a hotbed when it comes to travertine. This product is very popular for use as indoor or outdoor floor tiles, and it is also reasonably priced when ordered in bulk. Local merchants are always on the lookout for the best deals on full crate loads of travertine sheets. Stonexchange, a local company serving Miami and all of South Florida, offers some of the lowest prices on fine quality travertine. A beautiful natural stone... Read More

Wholesale Travertine Mosaic Tiles in South Florida

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When considering how to decorate a home or office interior, think of how the finished look will accent the room. Quite often, architects specify the use of travertine as a secondary accent, especially for walls covered in natural stone tiles. Mosaics constructed using travertine, glass, and ceramic are expertly manufactured and are an exciting addition to a bathroom, kitchen backsplash, or even a stone floor. Travertine is prized because of its authentic, rustic appearance. This... Read More