Wholesale Marble Flooring in Miami

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Flooring tile retailers and commercial installers in the Miami area are always looking for the best price on a supply of high-quality marble. This product is very popular as a floor covering material in the southern part of Florida. Homeowners and business property developers favor marble because of its beauty, lasting durability, and low maintenance cost. Marble can be very expensive to obtain unless it is purchased in bulk. This is due mainly because of... Read More

Wholesale Porcelain Tile Collections

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Porcelain is one of the most commonly used stone products. It is strong, shiny, resistant to wear and tear, and rather easy to manufacture. Porcelain tiles are available in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. These tiles are often used to cover an interior floor, decorate a bathroom wall, or place down as swimming pool copings. When ordered in bulk, porcelain is quite affordable. Manufacturers of natural stone products often maintain a specialized fabrication... Read More

Wholesale Natural Stone Tile

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Natural stone tile is a preferred flooring product for many reasons. This type of flooring surface enhances and beautifies the interior of the property, and it also increases property value. Natural stone is virtually maintenance-free and will last forever. Stone has been widely used as a construction material for thousands of years. The product is readily available, and those who use stone as a building material have a wide variety of colors, styles, and textures... Read More

Discount Travertine Floor Tiles

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Travertine is a natural stone, prized for its rustic beauty as well as for its strength. Although porous and subject to staining, travertine is one of the most popular materials used for tiles, mosaics, and inserts. This stone is rather inexpensive to extract from quarries, but purchasing it at an affordable price means ordering in bulk. Stonexchange is a direct importer and distributor of flooring tile products. We supply contractors, retail flooring companies, and home... Read More

Elegant Marble Tiles For A Luxury Condo Apartment

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Marble is one of the most commonly used materials for surfacing floors in a luxury condominium unit. A natural stone floor is not only elegant in its appearance; it is also a wonderful investment in the property itself. A beautiful marble tile floor is not as expensive as most people believe. Marble is an extremely heavy stone material, and shipment from a quarry or manufacturing site comes with a high price tag as a freight... Read More

Options For Natural Stone Kitchen And Bathroom Flooring

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The affordability of natural stone tile has prompted many construction companies and interior remodeling contractors to utilize this material in both the kitchen and bath areas. Natural stone tiles create a unique and elegant indoor atmosphere that is breathtaking to behold. Marble, granite, travertine, and engineered stone are all used for home interiors, and the characteristics of each determine how the total design is achieved. Stonexchange is a direct importer of fine quality natural stone... Read More

Best Examples Of Rooms With Black Marble Tile Flooring

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The choice of marble as a flooring surface is an excellent investment in a residential or commercial property. Marble tiles are long-lasting, durable, and require little or no maintenance. One of the great challenges for property owners who desire a marble floor is the process of achieving a beautiful look that complements the rest of the room's furnishings and fixtures. Marble tiles are available in dark, neutral, and light shades. These can be mixed and... Read More

Finding The Best Prices For Wholesale Marble Tiles

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Natural marble stone is one of the most commonly used materials for flooring surfaces, window sills, and thresholds. Contractors, home improvement centers, and floor tile retailers save money on large purchases of marble when they order from a direct importer/distributor. Stonexchange is a Miami-based importer of high-quality marble, and we stock a complete line of window shields, floor tiles, thresholds, and curbs. Obtaining marble at a reasonable cost is difficult when orders for this material... Read More

Find The Best Color Marble For Your Floors And Counters

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Finding the best color marble for floors and counters involves looking at sample blocks and comparing the shades to those seen in product showrooms. Most of the finest marble tiles are cut from slabs taken from quarries in Europe, Turkey, and parts of Asia. These beautiful stone tiles can be obtained at extremely affordable prices when ordered in bulk. Home improvement centers, floor tile retailers, and construction companies often order large amounts of marble for... Read More

Most Amazing Natural Stone Kitchen Backsplash Designs

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A kitchen that contains natural stone floors and countertops is visually appealing. Adding a stone backsplash design to the room completes the picture. A backsplash often complements the rest of the stone tiles, either because of a sharp color contrast or because of an entirely different tile pattern. At Stonexchange, we offer much more than just window sills and thresholds. Our natural stone flooring tiles are top-quality, available at wholesale prices to commercial customers. We... Read More