Top 5 Natural Stone Tiles Used for Minimalist Kitchens

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When most people think about minimal kitchens, they might think of pure stainless-steel appliances and dark countertops that are cold, hazardous and not suitable for a home with little kids. They might also believe they are unwelcoming. But what many people don’t realize is that minimal kitchens rely on traditional materials, like natural stone, and … Continued

How to Purchase Natural Stone Tiles from a Large Wholesale Distributor

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More builders, contractors and developers, and especially architects are realizing the benefits of incorporating natural stone into their building projects. Producing a product that outlasts the competition and looks good will almost guarantee referrals and repeated business. If an increase in clients is the result, then there is a new set of problems to handle. … Continued

Natural Stone Tiles For Public Construction in Metropolitan Areas

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Public construction projects are designed to create a workable combination of visual appeal and functionality. Whether it be a public library, underground transit station, or municipal courthouse, the overall design must meet or exceed criteria specifying user-friendliness, materials durability, and long-term maintenance costs. Natural stone is often used as an accent material for both indoor and outdoor finishing surfaces, and finding a suitable supply of product at an affordable cost is of prime importance to the contractor charged with this specialized installation job.

Wholesaler of Bianco White Carrara Natural Stone Marble Tiles

Wholesaler of Bianco Carrara Natural Stone Marble Tiles

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Mined from the continent of Italy, Bianco White Carrara marble tiles are highly coveted for high-end construction projects, particularly in mansions and commercial skyscrapers. White tile of any kind practically screams luxury, so it stands to reason that homeowners and business corporations with money will want this. Marble Tiles’ Appeal The next step in differentiating … Continued

South Florida Tile Distributor of Engineered Stone

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With the current construction boom taking place throughout South Florida, developers and contractors need to stay ahead of the competition while staying within their allocated budget. At Nalboor Tiles, a wholesale manufacturer of natural stone tiles and engineered stone based in Miami, Florida, we know first-hand that engineered stone is becoming one of the more popular … Continued

How Rose Travertine Tiles Can Increase the Value of Commerical Builds

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  Putting together a commercial project requires asking many questions. You need to understand the climate you are building for, and what materials are durable but are also sustainable and highly attractive to visitors and investors. You also need building materials that are going to keep you within the project’s budget, and rose travertine could … Continued

High Quality Shell Reef Limestone Tiles in South Florida

High Quality Shell Reef Limestone Tiles in South Florida

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Keep your customers happy by providing them with high-end materials at very reasonable prices. Shell Reef Limestone is a natural choice that adds depth and dimension to any project. It’s durable, attractive, and you can take advantage of great prices by trusting Nalboor with all of your supply needs. The unique three-dimensional effect stands out, … Continued

6 Ideas to Create a Modern Look Using Natural Stone Flooring

6 Ideas to Create a Modern Look Using Natural Stone Flooring

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Modern styles can still rely on very traditional materials, including beautiful natural stones. As a wholesaler, you can rely on Nalboor Tiles for smart options, quality pieces, and consistent inventories. Here are some of the growing trends and how NalboorTiles can help you meet the needs of your contractors, designers, and architects. 1. The Natural … Continued