High Quality Shell Reef Limestone Tiles in South Florida

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High Quality Shell Reef Limestone Tiles in South FloridaKeep your customers happy by providing them with high-end materials at very reasonable prices. Shell Reef Limestone is a natural choice that adds depth and dimension to any project. It’s durable, attractive, and you can take advantage of great prices by trusting Nalboor with all of your supply needs. The unique three-dimensional effect stands out, yet the tiles will still work in a wide range of applications. When working up your next renovation plan or placing an order for your retail store, here’s what you’ll want to know about shell reef limestone.

It’s Perfect for Miami Pool Areas

Homeowners in Miami and across Southern Florida appreciate the value of having an inground pool. They also understand that an attractive pool deck will further enhance the space and possibly boost the chances for resell. While there are many options to choose from, Shell Reef Limestone is a top choice because it:

  • Is durable enough to withstand salt water or chemicals
    Will be virtually non-slip for greater safety
    Absorbs a minimal amount of heat for improved comfort

In addition to using Shell Reef Limestone as the pool deck, it can also be used for creating smooth transitions. While builders in Miami love this beautiful stone for its durability, it can also be used in other areas of the country. Builders in northern climates also reach for Shell Reef Limestone because it can withstand the freezing and thawing cycles that might be able to crack other stones.

An Upscale Look for the Home Interior

Some people love the smooth finish of granite, but others want the slight texture offered by limestone. Shell Reef Limestone has a monochromatic look that only nature can create. The subtle patterns and textures are truly one of a kind, and it’s sure to draw compliments from everyone who walks across it. While the texture is enough to create a more stable surface for walking outside, it’s also smooth enough to work amazingly well in living rooms and dining areas.

When deciding on your inventory, be sure to include this impressive versatile option in your selection. Shell Reef Limestone can be installed by DIY enthusiasts who are counting on you for supplies, and they’re also a top choice among designers and contractors. You can rely on Nalboor Tiles to have this limestone in stock and ready to go!

Large Tiles for Greater Versatility

We stock large 24-inch square tiles at our Miami warehouse because this is the most popular size. It’s ideal for all types of large spaces like pool decks and living rooms. If you’re interested in another size, then please speak to one of our representatives to see about placing a custom order. We do our own manufacturing, so we’re typically able to accommodate custom orders.

We also offer bulk rate pricing. You can save more on larger orders. This means that you can easily keep your costs in line by placing large orders and housing the extra tiles at your own warehouse. When you’re ready to install a new pool, you’ll already have the beautiful Shell Reef Limestone patio in stock. The savings can be passed on to your customers to help you lock in jobs, or you can use the savings to boost your profit margins.

Elegant Front Walkways

One area that’s consistently ignored by many builders is the front walkway. A great deal of thought is put into the foyer and even the patio, but the curb appeal is often neglected. It’s common practice to make a concrete walkway using the same material used on the driveway, but you can make your projects stand out by going with something different.

Any Shell Reef Limestone walkway is going to stand out from the neighbors. The texture will look amazing against the turf or gardens, and the soft ivory colors are soothing and welcoming. Naturally slip resistant, it’s a great choice for all types of hardscaping, including front entrances.

Upgrade the Kitchen with Countertops and Backsplashes

Modern consumers are looking for unique ways to make their homes stand out, and Shell Reef Limestone is a very popular alternative. While granite has dominated kitchens since the turn of the century, people are now embracing the ivory shades of limestone.

Putting the limestone at a higher level allows people to easily see the wonderful fossils and shapes that have been forged by nature. It looks a great deal like luxurious marble, but the price point will fit with more budgets. It’s durable enough for daily use, and it’s sure to add value to your client’s homes.

Taking Care of Shell Reef Limestone

The one downside is that limestone can scratch a little more easily than granite, so you’ll want to educate your customer on how to avoid damaging their new counters. One option is to seal the counters for your clients immediately after installation. We offer several different sealers that can penetrate the stone to prevent staining. As with manmade options, scratches are easily avoided by investing in a few attractive cutting boards. You can also leave them with a parting gift of tile and stone cleaner so that they can keep the new counters looking great.

Overtaking Vertical Surfaces

Let the limestone overtake vertical surfaces in your projects for an elegant and impressive finish. Limestone is a great choice for the backsplash in an outdoor kitchen or even a fireplace surround. It will never require painting, and the subtle color variances will add visual interest. A timeless option, it will show your customers that you’re on the cutting edge of design options while still embracing traditional looks and styles.

Nalboor Tiles: Your Trusted Natural Stone Tile Distributor

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