Arizona Ivory Travertine Tiles for Mediterranean Ambiance

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Arizona Ivory Travertine Tiles for Mediterranean AmbianceThe Mediterranean is a place of blue skies, stunning ocean views and cooling sea winds. People flock to this area for vacation because it’s so relaxing and refreshing, and you may have customers who want to recreate the look inside their own home. When you’re meeting with a client for the first time and start hearing them talk about the Mediterranean look, you may want to speak with them about adding ivory travertine tiles to their project. Here are some of the smart ways you can bring Mediterranean styling to any project with these timeless stones.

Random Patterns and White Grout

Use ivory travertine tiles on a floor to make the space feel both larger and cooler. Add visual interest by choosing tiles in several different shapes and working them into a pattern that appears random. Bring out the tones in the travertine by finishing the project with bright white grout and trim. This is one of the best ways to make any space feel like it belongs in a beach house on the shores of Naples. Travertine tile has commonly been used throughout that area since the dawn of civilization, and your clients will enjoy the timeless look of the stone as well as the crisp details brought out by the grout.

Used in the Landscaping

One of the great features of travertine is that it can be used for interior and exterior applications. It can be installed around a pool or for winding walkways through the garden. Tumbled for a rough finish, it provides your customers with the traction they need when the surface is wet, but it brings a luxurious feeling to any outdoor living area. Travertine tiles and pavers are commonly used in outdoor kitchens, patios and porches when homeowners are trying to recreate the look and feel of their visit to Barcelona. This type of finish is perfect for the warm climate of Southern Florida where the sun brings out the colors in the travertine and makes it even more appealing. However, it’s also a great choice for cooler climates where customers want to embrace the feel of a warmer climate.

Stylish Wall Claddings

Travertine has been in use for millennia as flooring, work surfaces and wall claddings. While most customers are familiar with the use of travertine for their outdoor kitchen and walkways, they may not have considered using this luxurious material on the walls of their home. Impress your high-end customers by suggesting a truly upscale look that makes good use of travertine as a wall covering. It can be used to highlight areas of the home or just to cover the lower portion of a structure and protect it from water and insects. Properly installed with the right adhesives and construction methods, it’s one of the most attractive and durable claddings available on the market.

Mixed with Dark Contrasting Colors

The Mediterranean look embraces light colors, but you can also mix in some dark, contrasting shades to add a modern touch to the room. Combine ivory travertine with stunning granite or deep marble to bring out the colors and break up any space visually. It embraces the exotic look while also bringing in a sophisticated, contemporary feeling that your customers will love. It’s a unique look that won’t be found in any other home, and your most discerning customers will appreciate the custom looks that you can create by mixing contrasting colors.

Embrace Mosaics

The Mediterranean style makes good use of mosaic tiles, and your clients will appreciate this attention to detail. In addition to working ivory travertine into the floor, you can also use it on the backsplash in the kitchen and on shower walls. Mosaic tiles aren’t just for the structure, either. Use a mosaic finish on a table or serving area, and incorporate contrasting borders to highlight the mosaic pattern and bring more attention to the beautiful travertine. Another benefit of mosaics is that they can be used to finish off rounded areas like curved walls and arches.

Unexpected Areas

You take pride in your attention to detail and commitment to excellence. Incorporate ivory travertine into unexpected areas to ensure that your customers are thrilled with your work. While most contractors use wood in windowsills and around fireplaces, you can make your work stand out by replacing the wood in these areas with ivory travertine tiles. Your customers will be impressed when they see travertine borders around the powder room mirrors and along the bathtub apron. You need your work to stand out from the competition, and putting travertine in these unusual areas will make a powerful visual impact and help set you apart from the other contractors who are bidding on a project.

Color Consistency for an Ocean of Ivory

The finest Mediterranean designs embrace monochromatic styling by using large amounts of white and ivory tiles. Ivory travertine has great color consistency, so you can minimize lines and create that ocean of ivory your customers are demanding. The graining is mild enough that it practically disappears when installed close together in an unbroken line of ivory travertine tiles. This finish is ideal for small areas that need to be enlarged visually, and it’s also a great option for large areas that deserve to make a bolder, more powerful statement.

As a contractor or designer, you’re in a demanding business. You have clients who want only the best, and you’ve made a commitment to provide them with premium materials at competitive prices. You have great ideas for creating the Mediterranean style in your client’s home or business, but you need to work with a top supplier who can provide you with all the high-quality stones you need at a low price. We can ship your tiles to any domestic location as well as into the Caribbean. We work directly with the quarries and manufacturers to provide you with the most stable inventory and attractive pricing.

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