The Benefits of Travertine Bathroom Tiles

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The Benefits of Travertine Bathroom TilesIf you’re tired of the dated bathroom and boring colors, then it’s time to invest in an upgrade that can make the powder room more  attractive while increasing the value of your home. It’s not enough to go out and buy materials that will look great. If you want to  get the best return on investment and impress potential buyers when you eventually sell, then you also need durable materials that  are known for their longevity. Marble may be out of your price range, but travertine is a fantastic alternative that fits nicely in most  budgets. It’s a smart choice for high-end and modest rooms alike, and you’ll enjoy the many benefits that it has to offer.

Floors, Counters, Backsplashes and Shower Walls – A Most Versatile Option

You’ll be impressed with the versatility of travertine. Used for thousands of years in Italy, it’s becoming a favorite for areas  throughout the home. Commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens, it can be used in the countertops, walls and floors. Cut into the proper sizes, you can even use travertine as an elegant shelf under the mirror or as your baseboards. The possibilities are endless, and you’ll never grow tired of the elegant look. Get creative and mix travertine with other natural stones to form amazing patterns in the shower or on the bathroom floor. This is your opportunity to turn your bathroom into a showpiece, and the versatility of travertine makes that process easier.

Consistent Color for Future Projects and Repairs

It’s possible for any natural stone to break, so it would be remiss not to plan on someday replacing a tile or two. The great thing about travertine tiles is that you can easily remove just one and set another one in place. This is much more difficult to do with most vinyl, wood and linoleum. When purchasing natural stone or ceramic tiles, many contractors will buy a few extras to have on hand should a repair be necessary a few years down the road. While you certainly can buy a few extra travertine tiles, it’s not really necessary. This popular material is readily available, and most of it has similar coloring and patterns. This means that you can buy replacement tiles when you need them and trust that they will match reasonably well with what’s already in place. Additionally, you’ll be able to find matching colors if you decide to carry your tile finish onto the walls or add other travertine accessories at some future date.

Contractors Love Travertine for a Reason: Easy Cutting and Shaping

While it may seem like stronger natural stones are always preferable, this isn’t necessarily the case. The fact is that some natural stones are almost too hard to cut. They need to be worked by professionals who have the proper tools and training. This adds up to extra expense and hassle for the contractors. Travertine is a favored building material because it’s strong enough to withstand regular use, but it’s also easy to work with. Most people find that it’s not difficult to cut and shape this stone, and that allows contractors to easily work it around window frames, plumbing, and other items. If you’re interested in developing your own custom pattern, this feature should put travertine at the top of your list for materials.

Timeless Colors that will Never Fall out of Favor

Head to the home improvement store at any time and you can find the flavors and colors of the moment. The problem with anything cutting edge is that the fashion edge fades in a few years and you’re once again dealing with a bathroom that’s terribly out of date. Perhaps the greatest advantage to using travertine in the bathroom is that you’ll never have to redo this room again. The natural earth tones and soft shades in travertine have been favored by homeowners for centuries, and they’ll simply never fall out of fashion. You can change the décor and accent pieces as often as you wish without worrying about ripping out the floor or reworking the shower walls. You’ll save money in the long run, and you’ll love how fashionable the bathroom will always look.

Overcoming the Objections: The Purpose of Sealers

One complaint you’ll hear about travertine is that it is a porous stone. It may seem counterintuitive to install something porous in an area that regularly sees water, but it’s very easy to overcome this problem. The first step is to choose polished travertine for the walls and counters. The smooth finish has sealed pores that are more resistant to water intrusion and stains. Secondly, invest in quality sealers to protect the stones and avoid problems later. This is an effective solution for shelves, floors, shower walls, and any other area where you’re considering travertine tiles. The stones should be sealed annually to make the surface water resistant and help protect it from damage. If you’re worried about the floor becoming slick, then choose a sealer that also provides just a little touch of traction for better safety. Once the sealer dries, you can put a small bath rug down to warm up the space and further protect the stones from any damage.

A Cost-Effective Choice Worth Considering

There’s more to the cost of any material than the initial purchase price. The amount of maintenance it needs, the risk of damage, how long it lasts and how hard replacement is are all considerations that add to the cost. You may pay a little more for the travertine today, but it will last far longer than any vinyl. It’s easier to match colors later than if you go with manmade ceramic, and it requires far less maintenance than wood. All in all, it will save you a great deal of money over the coming years because it can last forever and works with almost any décor.

If you’re in the market to redo your bathroom, then consider travertine for your new floors and shower walls. This material looks incredible in any setting, and it can add value to your home because it’s considered an upgrade. This smart option is available at Nalboor, so visit us today to review our inventory and see how travertine can take your bathroom to a new level. Our friendly staff is looking forward to helping you with your order, and you’ll appreciate our wholesale pricing.