Beige Ivory Travertine Tile: Create Mediterranean Ambiance

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 Beige Ivory Travertine Tile: Create Mediterranean AmbianceThe Mediterranean style comes from areas around the Mediterranean Sea, including Spain, Italy and Greece. It’s also known as Spanish modern, and you can create this look in your own home with the addition of beige ivory travertine tiles and the right décor. Here are some tips to help you bring this slice of paradise into your own home and create a look that will make your family and friends envious.

Choose the Right Base Materials

Marble and travertine are commonly used throughout this region, so it’s a safe choice when you want to create this look. Travertine in soft shades of ivory and beige works beautifully with Mediterranean décor and is reminiscent of the area. It’s the ideal choice for floors and counters, and you can also use it to cover walls in the bathroom and even in the outdoor patio area. It’s also a neutral choice that can work nicely with other design themes so you won’t have to invest in new building materials if you ever grow tired of the Mediterranean look.

Warm Colors Throughout

Modern Spanish style makes good use of warm colors. Whether you’re dreaming of ocean blues or warm, sunny yellows, these colors will work beautifully with your Mediterranean theme. They’ll also blend nicely with your neutral beige travertine tiles. Keep the shades warm for a consistent decorating style, and consider faux finishes that incorporate texture or movement into the walls. Some of the best looks are washed finishes that mimic the movement of water or stucco finishes that will make your home look more like a historic building from the shores of this famous sea. You can match the tiles for a monochromatic theme to make your home look more spacious, or you can go for sharply contrasting colors that will help become an amazing backdrop for your beautiful furniture and accessories.

Remember the Layers

The Mediterranean look is layered. Paint goes onto walls through a series of processes to add depth and visual appeal. Couches feature welcoming, plump pillows that make the room more inviting. You may cover part of your travertine floor with an attractive area rug. Wood trim can be accented and improved by adding layers of decorative accents and molding. While not as heavily embellished as the Victorian look, Mediterranean style does have layers that keep everything appealing and give each area a unique look. Use artwork, stencils and murals to make a vast span of wall more interesting. The layers even carry out to the garden as you create a pathway by nestling travertine tiles into a bed of mulch.

Soft and Inviting

The travertine tile you love has a soft inviting look with its smooth beige color and natural shading. This is the perfect choice for a decorating style that embraces soft, upholstered furniture and plush fabrics. Dining chairs don’t have to be simple wood when you’re trying to bring the Mediterranean home. Look for chairs that feature upholstered backs and seats, and then put the entire dining set on an elegant oriental rug. Remember the throw pillows in the living room, and look for a padded bench or ottoman that can go under a window for a private little seating area. As with the wall color, the fabrics should lean towards warm hues and softer shades that are as relaxing and soothing as the moving water of the Mediterranean Sea.

Painted Wood

While natural wood tones are at home in the Mediterranean style, you can also use painted wood to complete the look of your Spanish modern home. Warm gold cabinets look stunning with a travertine counter, and painted white bedroom furniture will look amazing on your beige travertine floor. Consider painted wood in the bathroom and kitchen to bring out the warmth of your travertine and maintain the Mediterranean look.

Beige Ivory Travertine Tile: Create Mediterranean Ambiance 2Colorful Ceramic Tile Accents

Another appealing aspect of the Mediterranean look is colorful ceramic tile accents. Installed as borders, backsplashes, mirrors frames and the backing to recessed shelves, these tiles add a bright pop of color while making you think of lazy afternoons on the seashore. These tiles work nicely with neutral travertine because the ivory tones will bring out their colors and put more focus on the cheerful patterns. These small decorative tiles also provide an easy way to add layers to spaces that need a little more attention.

Ornate Trim and Gilded Finishes

Heavily ornate trim is popular in the Mediterranean style, and gilded finishes are ideal for mirror frames and other areas. However, you don’t want the decorative touches to overwhelm a space and make it feel less inviting. This is easy to counter when you invest in the soft look of travertine tiles. When the floor is finished in a monochromatic ivory beige, then your guests will notice the heavy detailing around your kitchen stove without feeling overcome by patterns and colors. It allows you to keep the attention on the centerpieces of a room without detracting from their elegance.

Lighting for the Right Mood

The Mediterranean experience is all about resting and relaxing. Decorating your home in this style means paying attention to the little details, including lighting. When you want to achieve the right look, finish off the room with soft lighting. Travertine tile that’s polished to a nice finish will reflect the light, so the room can have generous light without adding bright bulbs that will flood the room with too much light and make it feel harsh. Consider hanging chandeliers where possible, and have sconces added to the walls to keep the shadows away while providing soft and welcoming light. If you’re designing your dream home, include plenty of windows to let in natural light and help create the right mood for your Spanish modern home.

Many people dream of decorating their home in the Mediterranean style. You want to create a look that you’ll love, and that all starts with choosing the right building materials. You can easily change wall colors and furniture over time, but installing new floors and shower walls is trickier and more expensive. With the use of travertine tiles, you can enjoy the Mediterranean look today and then change it out for something different in a few years. The tiles are versatile enough to work with several different design themes while being the perfect choice for a Spanish-inspired home. Beige ivory tiles are available from Nalboor, so you can get the look you love while staying on track with the budge. Contact us today for a wholesale quote through our online form. You may also call us at (305) 501-4548 to speak to one of our professionals from the most affordable marble wholesaler in Florida!