7 Reasons to Use Engineered Stone in Development Projects

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Marmoglass can be used in all types of applications ranging from commercial settings to residential powder rooms. It’s known for having excellent transparency under different lighting, and it can take your next project to a higher level. As a manmade material, it’s extremely durable, highly attractive, and impervious to water. Here are just some of … Continued

Differences Between Travertine and Marble Tile

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Determining whether to build your fleet of construction projects with marble or travertine stone can be a bit of a dilemma. Even if you prefer to stock them both, it’s still beneficial to understand the difference between the two natural stones because one type might work better in one space more than the other. Knowing … Continued

Free Wholesale Marble Tile Samples in Miami, Florida

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When it’s time to renovate your home, the biggest challenge can be picking your new materials. Making the decision to finish your room with natural stone floors may be easy, but you can become overwhelmed by all the available styles and colors. Marble is a durable and timeless material that can last for decades, so … Continued

Wholesale Distributor of Marble for High-Rise Residential Developments

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Whether you’re building or renovating a high-rise residential development, it’s important to choose your building materials carefully. More durable materials will not only last longer, but they’ll also allow you to market the properties to a more high-end clientele. If you’re trying to attract discerning tenants, then you know how important it is to go … Continued

Wholesale Natural Stone Flooring Options for Outdoor Spaces

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In the past, outdoor spaces were largely ignored by builders. Patios were either basic wood structures or plain concrete slabs. However, modern homeowners are looking for something more. People are moving out of the living room and into the back yard, so they’re in search of homes with stunning outdoor living areas. This includes patios … Continued

How You Can Save Buying Wholesale Marble Flooring in Bulk

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Your clients expect high-end materials that will look great without breaking the budget. This may be a tall order, but you can deliver when you choose the right wholesaler. By learning more about the wholesale process, you can find out how to streamline your process, keep your costs down, and ensure that your customers are … Continued

Marble Flooring Trends to Look Out For in 2017

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Design trends change on a regular basis, and you’ll want to be up with the most current ones to keep your customers happy. Marble floors have been in style since the ancient Romans, and that trend won’t change in the future. This is because marble is so attractive, durable, and elegant. However, the trends for … Continued

Increasing Your Property Value With Marble Flooring

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You want to preserve and increase your property value, so it’s important to make informed decisions regarding your building materials and potential upgrades. Porcelain tiles are attractive, durable and highly versatile. They can be used throughout your home to boost your visual appeal and increase the monetary value of your property. There are countless colors … Continued