Additional Benefits of Using Coral Stone Tile

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Natural stones come in all types of colors and textures. In addition to the smooth, soothing look of marble, you can also go with something that will stand out and draw attention to your home or business. Coral stones have a textured finish that makes them slip resistant, and the natural look is reminiscent of … Continued

How Durable is Wood Look Plank Porcelain Tile?

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People love the look and warmth of wood, but they don’t always love the maintenance that comes with natural oak or cedar. A better option for busy households is wood look porcelain tiles. Available in a range of shades through Nalboor Tiles, a wholesale natural stone tile manufacturer, these options are highly durable, attractive, and … Continued

The Benefits of Engineered Stone

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Natural stones are beautiful and durable, but you’ll find that engineered stone is also an excellent choice for many applications. A specific manufacturing process is used to create durable stones that are resistant to water, pure white in color, and able to be used in residential and commercial projects alike. Here at Nalboor Tiles, we’re … Continued

Top 4 Dark Color Marble Floors for Your Home

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Marble comes in an incredible array of colors, so you don’t have to choose the white and tan shades that are so popular. In fact, modern homeowners are often more interested in dark shades that will add visual appeal to a room and give it an upscale touch. If you’re looking for darker tones, then … Continued

Top 5 Light Color Marble Flooring for Homes

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When choosing the flooring shade for your home, you may have your heart set on light shades that will make any space feel larger and brighter. The good news is that you don’t have to settle for white carpet when you want to give your space an airy, modern feel. There are several different light … Continued