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Marble Tile for New Residential Apartment BuildingsWhether you’re building or renovating a high-rise residential development, it’s important to choose your building materials carefully. More durable materials will not only last longer, but they’ll also allow you to market the properties to a more high-end clientele. If you’re trying to attract discerning tenants, then you know how important it is to go with luxurious options like beautiful marble floors, travertine backsplashes, and even granite staircases. You may have avoided going with these materials in the past due to the perceived cost, but you can take advantage of low prices by going with the right supplier. Before you decide to take your chances with a lower-grade material, see how Nalboor Tiles can help you make this upgrade while keeping costs in line.

Impressive Selection

When customers are in the market for a new condo, they want to make their own choices for flooring color, shower walls, and other features. Starter homes come in one color of contractor white, but you’re trying to appeal to customers who may want more variety in their living space. You can stock up on a range of styles, including Adalia Cappuccino, Crema River, and even Saturnia Ivory Travertine Light. Your clients will be able to choose the color they love the best, and you can keep your materials budget under control thanks to our competitive rates. If you really want to make an impression on your potential buyers, then include high-end options like Calacatta Gold Marble on hand, and then levy a surcharge on those options to cover the additional expense.

Easily Order Replacements

Our selection of stones actually comes from quarries owned and mined by Nalboor Tiles and our affiliates. While other wholesalers are limited to what their suppliers are moving, we’re able to continue going back to the original areas for more stones. You can set your options around the stones that you love, and you can count on us to have a steady inventory for you.

Simply order more crates as units are sold and the inventory starts to leave your warehouse. We work with several nationwide shippers, so it’s easy for us to get your crates from our facility in Southern Florida to your job site in New York City or even Portland, Oregon. If you’re doing custom builds, then you can also place your orders as customers make their decisions. However, most of our contractors find that they can take advantage of more attractive bulk pricing by placing a larger order at one time.

Close Attention to Detail from Beginning to End

In addition to owning the quarries, we also do all of our own manufacturing. We’re highly experienced, and we put our skills to work by embracing cost-effective manufacturing processes. As we streamline our own system, we’re able to minimize mistakes and keep the overall expenses down. We’re happy to pass the savings on to you through prices that are comparable to most porcelain tiles or even engineered products.
This attention to detail also ensures that our quality control standards are maintained. Our tiles are highly uniform in shape, size, and polish level. While the natural variations are part of the appeal with any stone product, you can be confident that the tiles will all be consistent in their dimensions.
Finally, we take great care when packaging our products. The industry standard is that up to 10% of any shipment may arrive damaged due to the vibrations while in transit. However, we take care with our packaging to try and reduce this percentage. You can also be confident that you’ll receive the correct order in a timely manner. With our team handling the natural stone supplies, you can set your schedule and keep your projects on track.

You Choose the Shipping Location

Customer service is our top priority, so we try to be as flexible as we can. We can ship the entire order to your warehouse in Queens, or we can have it delivered directly to the high-rise you’re refurbishing in the Bronx. When you call to place the order, just let us know what the delivery locations are. This will help you keep your internal rates down by having the supplies on-site and ready to go.

Eliminate the Middlemen to Save Money

With a traditional process, you’ll have to cover the markup that’s put in place by every middleman. By eliminating those additional steps, you can save time, money, and frustration. We sell direct to the consumers so that we can help people save money. You’ll have lower prices to help bolster your profit levels, and you’ll also receive your products in a timely manner. We take pride in our work, so we strive to deliver meticulous stone tiles that are durable, attractive, and elegant.
In addition to natural stone, we also offer engineered Marmo Glass that may be ideal for bathrooms and kitchen backsplashes. We have tumbled tiles for the exterior areas, and our porcelain tiles are available in styles that look like wood planks or natural stone.
When you start putting your business plan in place for a high-rise building, focus on using the materials that your upscale clients will be looking for. This includes luxurious marble, granite, and even travertine. You’ll satisfy your customer’s need for beauty, and we can help satisfy your demand for reasonable rates. Our bulk ordering options allow you to save on all types of products, and you’ll be impressed with our great customer service. Give Nalboor Tiles a call today at 305-501-4548, or look us up online to see how we can help make your high-rise project a magnificent success.