Free Wholesale Marble Tile Samples in Miami, Florida

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Free Wholesale Marble Tile Samples in Miami, FloridaWhen it’s time to renovate your home, the biggest challenge can be picking your new materials. Making the decision to finish your room with natural stone floors may be easy, but you can become overwhelmed by all the available styles and colors. Marble is a durable and timeless material that can last for decades, so it’s only natural that you’ll want to get this choice right. This is why you should take advantage of free samples so that you can see exactly how a certain product will work and look in your home or business.

Confirm the Colors

Ordering online is a great way to snag wholesale prices, and you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your favorite easy chair. However, colors can vary on your computer screen, so it can be hard to determine if the shade will be right for you. By picking up a free tile, you can see exactly how that white marble or beige travertine will look with your cabinets.

Leave the tile in place so you can see how it looks at different times of day, including early in the morning, when the afternoon sun is streaming in, and at night when you’re relying solely on interior lights. This will put your mind at ease to know that the red marble looks stunning against your cherry cabinets or to discover how the light maple shades in your fixtures are picked up by the striations in Calacatta Gold marble.

Consider the Texture

Marble and natural stone do have a texture to them. Most stones are smooth as a result of polishing, but limestone can have a slightly dimpled feel to it. When you can hold it in your hands, you’ll have an opportunity to see how the texture feels to you. You can decide how well it will work in wet areas, if you want it in the bedroom, and if it’s the right choice for your patio.

Colliseum Rustic Travertine Sawcut tiles also have a rough look with a slightly textured finish that you may appreciate. In addition to running your hands across the tile, see how it will feel under your bare feet. Remember that you’re going to walk on the tiles regularly, so they should feel comfortable under your feet.

Look at Color Variations

The beauty of natural stone is the color variation that’s seen from one tile to the next. If you’re worried about the variations and aren’t sure how you’ll like them, samples can set your mind at ease. When you order several tiles, you can get a feel for how the variations work together to add visual appeal to your home. Lay the tile down next to the other chosen materials to see how the interplay of colors will look across the whole design. The tiles that are ultimately shipped are chosen and packaged at random, and there is no way to control how much movement or color variation will be in each selection. However, ordering several sample tiles will help give you an accurate feel for the amount of variation you can expect in any given style.

Carry it Along

If you’re choosing the floor first, then you have a great opportunity to select the cabinets, counters, and other fixtures based on this single decision. Wrap a few tiles in soft material and keep them in your car so that you’ll have the tiles on hand when you’re out shopping. You can set the tiles down next to the different options to make your next selection easier. Pictures and screen shots taken from our website will not provide you with the same color accuracy you can get by holding an actual tile in your hand.

Easy Ordering

You’ll find that ordering free samples is easy at Nalboor Tiles. Most of our products have an option right on the order page for getting a sample sent directly to your home. You can pick up a few tiles of Crema River or any other color to confirm that it will work for you. Shipping charges do apply, but you can order several different types to see which finish you like best. If you’re in a rush to look at the products in person, then you can even choose overnight shipping for an additional fee.

Order in Bulk

Once you know that you’re going to love a certain style, you can confidently place your bulk order. Our prices go down as your order size goes up, so it’s better to put in the entire request at one time. Use your samples to see how tiles will look in rooms throughout your home. Even if you’re working one area at a time, you can still get your supplies ordered in advance so that you’ll have everything on hand when it’s time to renovate.

As you move forward with renovation plans, be sure to order samples of your favorite tiles and colors. Nothing can compare with having an actual piece of tile in your hand so that you can feel the texture, view the shading in different lighting, and see how the colors will look with your other selections.

You’ll make the renovations process easier, and you’ll be able to make your design decisions with confidence. With the option to buy in bulk from a reputable wholesaler, you can get beautiful marble tiles for every area of your home from the foyer to the guest room. Contact Nalboor Tiles today to learn more about our impressive selection, or call us direct at 305-501-4548.