Wholesale Porcelain Tile That Looks Like Marble

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Get the look of high-end marble at a fraction of the price with specially designed porcelain tiles. There are countless ways to use these luxurious and durable tiles in your construction projects. Here are just a few ways that you can impress your customers and put your own personal stamp on every renovation. Kitchen Renovations … Continued

Marble Floors from a Reliable Wholesale Distributor

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When you’re buying supplies for a job or your inventory, you need to know that you’ll receive the quality materials your clients want. You also need to work with a vendor who can deliver the products on time and provide you with support when it’s time to place another order. Finding a reliable distributor doesn’t … Continued

Natural Stone Tile For Garages: A New Trend in Flooring

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Finish off your garage floor with a stylish look that’s sure to please you. While most garages have simple concrete, your clients don’t have to settle for anything so basic. A growing trend among homeowners is tile flooring that can safely be used underneath car tires. It’s an upgraded look and feel, and it’s very … Continued

Advantages of Installing Marble Flooring or Granite

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When it comes to the floors in your projects, there’s more to consider than just hardwood flooring, ceramic or carpet. Whether you operate in a cold climate or the tropics, you’ll find that granite and marble are excellent alternatives. These attractive and durable materials can withstand decades of regular use, and they’re very easy to … Continued

8 Myths About Porcelain Tile Durability

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When it comes to flooring options, there are many myths surrounding flooring tiles. If you’ve avoided stocking this material in favor of hardwood, ceramic, and even laminates, then it may be time to take another look at the beauty and durability of porcelain. Before you place another order for flooring materials, here’s what you really … Continued

Best-Price Wholesale Marble Tile in Miami

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These days you’re almost guaranteed to find new builds with some kind of natural or engineered stone in it. Which one and what kind is really a trend as there are mosaics and different types of stone that are made to look like wood. Of course when it comes to interior design, it’s all about … Continued

Where to Buy Wholesale Marble-Looking Porcelain Tile

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Being that Florida is situated on a peninsula between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, this makes the state an open gateway for trade. According to InboundLogistics, “That geographic advantage translates into vast volumes of international trade. Among U.S. states, Florida is the number-one trading partner of every nation in Latin America and … Continued