Why Cheap Marble Can Actually Cost You More Money

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Cheap marble looks great in the store, and it may seem like a fine idea for the budget. However, poorly cut stones will only wind up costing you more money in the long run. Before you decide to go with that clearance special, consider a few of the ways that a savings today can wind … Continued

Tumbled Stone Ideas For Modern Homes

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Tumbled stones have a softer finish that’s ideal for modern homes. While you may be ready to install polished marble in your living room or foyer, you may find that tumbled looks are better for the kitchen, bathroom, and patio. Take inspiration from design professionals around the country by adding tumbled stones to your indoor … Continued

Luxury Marble Flooring Options Widely Used In Homes Today

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There was a time when marble floors were only seen in fine public buildings or high-end homes. As the demand for this durable material has grown, companies like Nalboor Tiles have found better ways to mine, manufacture, and transport the products. You can now purchase marble products directly from us, and that allows you to … Continued

Why Bianco White Carrara Can Become a Popular Marble Tile in Miami

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If a client is paying you to renovate his or her home or office building, that means they’re looking to replace what they have with something better. It’s your job to inform your client of what’s actually ‘better’. Oftentimes, your clients don’t really know what they need until you present the better options to them. … Continued

Why Crema Marfil Marble is a Favorite of Residential Developers in South Florida

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As a contractor or design professional, you’re expected to know what the emerging trends. Your clients are trusting you to lead them to timeless choices that will look great today and still be attractive over the coming years. Interior designers throughout South Florida rely heavily on Crema Marfil marble because it’s elegant, luxurious, and timeless. … Continued