How You Can Save Buying Wholesale Marble Flooring in Bulk

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How You Can Save Buying Wholesale Marble Flooring in BulkYour clients expect high-end materials that will look great without breaking the budget. This may be a tall order, but you can deliver when you choose the right wholesaler. By learning more about the wholesale process, you can find out how to streamline your process, keep your costs down, and ensure that your customers are happy with the results. Nalboor Tiles is one of the top wholesalers in the nation, and we work directly with designers, contractors, and retailers.

The Usual Process

You’re already familiar with the usual process where you go to a wholesaler, they tell you what’s in stock, and you hope that you’re able to get enough to handle key projects. There are a few limitations to this type of traditional arrangement. One is that you may not be able to return for more tiles later as they run out of stock. Another is that you’re at the tail end of the process, so you’ll be paying for the markup that’s been taken by one or more wholesalers. While the average wholesaler will help you save money over the local retailers, the fact is that there’s still a better way.

Overcoming the Challenges

The solution is to find a wholesaler that is higher up on the chain and able to deliver excellent prices on superior stock. Ideally, you should work directly with the manufacturer to eliminate all the middlemen and get the best price possible. Not only can this type of company help you save money, but the manufacturer also has the power to ensure that your largest orders are filled.

Direct from Nalboor Tiles, a Quality Manufacturer

Professionals across the country work with Nalboor Tiles so that they can save money on high-quality products. We own the quarries and take care of everything from retrieving the raw rocks to finishing off the tiles and shipping them off to you. We cut out the middlemen so that you can take advantage of our great customer service, excellent rates, and impressive selection. You can trust us for all types of natural stones, including entry-level Adalia Cappuccino and high-end Calacatta Gold Marble. If you’re in Southern Florida, then you can visit our showroom personally to look through our selection. If not, then ask us about sending out some samples so that you can check out the excellent quality for yourself.

Consistency, Value, Selection, Options

We’re committed to customer satisfaction, so we bring a high level of attention to everything we do. We understand that you’re relying on us for quality stones that will look great in their final application and be an asset to any structure. That’s why we offer an extensive range of styles and options at a great value. You’ll benefit from our:

  • Selection – We mine our own stock, so we’re able to deliver a more consistent supply. We also make our own engineered stone, porcelain tiles, and maintenance supplies. You can order your Arizona Ivory Travertine with confidence knowing that we’ll be able to provide you with more in the future.
  • Value – With our special bulk rates, you can get an excellent price on orders. The larger your order, the more you can save. Before you settle for a small discount at your neighborhood supply center, see how we can help you save even more.
  • Consistency – As you work through a project, you expect the tiles you handle to be the same dimensions. We pay close attention to detail with our manufacturing to ensure that everything is as exact as possible. This makes our tiles easier to install so that you can deliver the finished results on time. The end result is reduced man hours on your job sites and happier customers.
  • Options – Rather than buying standard tiles and making them fit, you can place custom orders with our company. Minimum order sizes do apply, but we’re able to customize the tiles for larger orders. You’ll need to allow a few extra weeks for delivery, but you’ll save a good deal of labor hours by having us customize the tiles at our facility.
  • Versatility – We also have the versatility you expect. You can choose tiles for indoor use, or look at our tumbled stones for patios and gardens. We have the products you’re looking for in the luxurious colors you need.

Easier Delivery

When it comes to natural stone tiles, another consideration is how you’ll get everything from point A to point B. You can send your staff to the local store to pick up tiles when you need them, but then you’re increasing your labor costs by having your staff drive to the store, pick everything up, load it in the truck, and take it to the job site. You’ll also increase the wear and tear on your vehicles with this method.

However, we offer a better option. We’re located in Florida, but we routinely ship to locations throughout the nation and even in the Caribbean. If you know that a bulk order will be used at a specific job site, you can have us deliver right to that location. You’ll save on time and hassle at your end, and the materials will be ready to go when you need them. You also won’t have to find room to store everything while you’re waiting for the job to search. Just give us a delivery window along with an address and we’ll handle the rest.

We take pride in our craftsmanship, and we strive to deliver excellence with every piece of tile. We have the selection you want, the quality you need, and the prices that can help you build your business. Whether you’re reselling the tiles to do-it-yourself enthusiasts or installing new floors in a luxury hotel, we can help you make the right impression on your customers. Call Nalboor Tiles today at 305-501-4548, or visit us online to learn more about our available selection.