Why Engineered Stone May Be the Best Option for Your New Home

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Why Engineered Stone May Be the Best Option for Your New HomeWhen it’s time to choose the building materials for your renovation project, look beyond traditional natural stones to engineered stones. Available in a beautiful white finish, engineered stones are a fantastic choice for showers, kitchens, and countertops. A cost-effective option that can last for decades, it will make your home stand out from the neighbors and give it a sophisticated look that you’re sure to love. Before you decide between marble, ceramic and other options, consider the many benefits offered by beautiful engineered stone.

The Eco-Friendly Option

It can take millions of years for marble to form naturally, and that makes it a precious resource. Engineered stones are made primarily from quartz, another natural and precious resource. However, the engineered stone makes use of smaller pieces and chips that would otherwise be disposed of after the slabs are cut for counters and larger tiles are manufactured. It allows for more of the natural stone to be used in the manufacturing process. The fragments and chips are blended together and secured with an eco-friendly resin that allows the engineered stone to withstand regular use and last for a lifetime. If you’re concerned about the environment but still want the look of natural stone, then engineered stones are a premium choice.

A Non-Porous Surface

Some natural stones, like marble, do have a porous surface that can stain if you aren’t careful. One of the appealing features of engineered stones is that the resin bonding agents completely seal the surface so it’s smooth, non-porous and extremely difficult to stain. This makes it ideal for areas that see regular use, including kitchen countertops. While there are ways to prevent natural stone from staining, such as sealing the surface, it’s not necessary to invest in this treatment with beautiful engineered stone. This also makes it one of the best choices for exterior applications like outdoor kitchens, patio bars, and around the pool deck.

Heat Resistant

Busy chefs may not have time to search for a trivet, but you won’t have to with engineered stone options. This material is heat resistant, so you can set hot dishes directly on it if you choose to. It won’t blister, stain, or burn from the heat. Just as glass can handle high temperatures, so can the resin and natural stone components of engineered stone. This makes it the top choice for your kitchen remodeling project if you want a material that will look great but be able to handle high temperatures and occasional accidents. You can also use it as the work surface in your outdoor kitchen or basement bar.

Scratches Are No Problem

The high-gloss finish of engineered stone is extremely difficult to scratch. Like tempered glass cutting boards that can withstand the blade of a knife, engineered stone is also highly resistant to scratching and other damage. You can cut directly on the surface, but most people will still choose cutting boards for the easy clean up. However, Marmo glass or engineered stone isn’t limited to countertops and working surfaces. You can also use this material as the floor in your foyer, the finishing touch in your bathroom, or the walking surface for your outdoor kitchen. It can withstand the regular use that’s expected of it in all types of busy households.

Consistent Color for a Modern Look

Natural stone is known for its color striations and natural movement, and this is one area where natural and engineered stone differ. Rather than having random patterns drifting through the finished slab, engineered stone is very consistent in shading. If you choose white Marmo glass, you’ll have a brilliant white surface that’s free of gray, tan, beige or other shades. Engineered glass is available in an incredible range of colors, and they all feature the same consistent finish. While it can look great in a traditional kitchen, it’s particularly appealing in a modern or contemporary space where color uniformity is embraced and celebrated. If you want the color variation, then it is possible to pay a little more and find engineered stone that looks like marble or granite. However, the solid colors are more affordable.

Easy to Work With

While natural stones can be more difficult to work with and cut, engineered stones are known for their ease of installation. They can be cut into curves and other custom shapes so that you can give your kitchen the perfect finished look. If you’re going to do the work yourself, this will make your job easier. If you’re hiring a contractor, then you may be able to enjoy a lower price because the work should go more quickly for the installers.

The Perfect Choice for People Who Hate Germs

If you consider yourself to be a so-called germophobe, then you’re going to love engineered stone. The problem with porous materials is that germs can drift down into the surface along with moisture, and they may be impossible to get out again. With its non-porous finish, this isn’t a problem for engineered stone. Germs are blocked out along with water and stains, and that makes it a hypo-allergenic, bacteria-resistant choice that’s better for you and your family.

When it’s time to buy the countertops, workspaces, and even flooring tiles for your custom property, consider engineered stone instead of natural stone. Contact Nalboor if you think that this is the right choice for your next project. We take pride in our premium materials, and we strive to provide our clients with excellent service. We want to help you save money, so we offer wholesale pricing on gorgeous products that you’ll be proud to have in your home. Our trained customer service representatives will patiently answer any questions you have and pay close attention to detail when placing your order. Give us a call today to learn more about engineered stone and see how it can be an asset to your property.