Emperador Dark Mosaic Tiles: A Great Addition Kitchen Backsplash Designs

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Emperador Dark Mosaic Tiles: A Great Addition Kitchen Backsplash DesignsMany designers drift toward light colors for tile backsplashes. It’s a natural choice when you want to appeal to a large range of people. However, there are other options to consider. Sometimes, a dark contrasting color is ideal for highlighting the size of a kitchen or the beautiful fixtures you may choose to install. Emperador dark mosaic tiles are just one way to add a deep, rich color that will add visual interest and class to the kitchen. If you’re designing a new housing complex or working on a kitchen for an individual client, here are a few ways you can use this remarkable natural stone to make a fantastic impression on potential customers.

Turn the Stove into a Focal Point

When you take the time to install a luxurious six-burner stove or commercial quality range in a kitchen, you want people to take notice of it. The best way to ensure that the stove won’t just vanish into the background is to make the entire area feel more important by doing something special with the tile backsplash. Install rich brown mosaic tiles in the center of the larger wall area above the stove. Draw more attention to it by highlighting with a coordinating raised border. The contrasting colors will bring the eye to the cooking area, and that ensures that everyone who walks into the kitchen will see the stove and be impressed by the finished wall behind it.

A Delicate Pattern

Use Emperador dark mosaic tiles to create a delicate pattern all the way around your kitchen. The mosaic tiles come on mesh sheets, so it’s easy to break them apart and use the squares individually. Mix them in with lighter colored tiles set on point for a stunning harlequin finish. Combine them with tumbled tiles of different sizes to add a little color without overwhelming the space. Cut an opening into larger tiles and inset the dark mosaic tiles for a whimsical pattern that’s unique to your home. Mixing in the deeper colors will bring out the beautiful cream and brown highlights in Adalia Cappuccino marble or the elegant gold highlights in Golden Sienna travertine. It’s an easy way to add elegance and class to a kitchen space without making the backsplash look too dark.

The Geometric Balanced Pattern

Most patterns should be nicely balanced when you’re using contrasting colors to highlight the design. One popular and timeless pattern uses four-inch tiles set on point. Rather than allowing the corners to butt against each other, the corners are trimmed flat to create an open square where four tiles meet. Fill these open areas with individual mosaic tiles for a pattern that’s been in high demand for centuries. You can also turn the pattern so that the mosaic tiles will form little diamonds amidst a grouping of rectangles. This is a fantastic option for smaller kitchens where you want to make the backsplash more attractive and impressive.

Other Rooms

The deep brown shades of Emperador dark mosaic are perfect for almost any kitchen, but also work nicely in other rooms. Use a single row of mosaic sheets to build a wall surround for your Jacuzzi tub. Install them in the bathroom as a backsplash between the sink and mirror, or install half-sheets around the window for a stunning window frame that’s resistant to moisture and mold. Install the mosaic borders along the edge of your foyer to make the space feel larger, and put a row of this beautiful tile in the shower stall to make that space more colorful.

Working with Other Colors

If you have a small kitchen, then you may not want to break up the line of upper and lower cabinets. Matching the backsplash to the tone of the cabinets can make the kitchen feel magnificent and spacious. The darker colors of these tiles work with almost any natural stone, and you can mix it with lighter shades to highlight the massive size of a kitchen. The color looks particularly attractive with cream and tan cabinets. The light colors bring out the deep tones in the tiles while making your light colors look brighter. You also aren’t limited to white or espresso cabinets. The brown shades in Emperador dark brown tiles also look stunning with butter yellow cupboards, slate blue cabinets and even soft shades of green.

Benefits of Using Tile Backsplash

The backsplash is one area that many builders and designers neglect, but it’s an integral part of the space. While a coat of paint will provide the drywall with some protection, it really needs an additional layer. Most tiles are easy to clean because they can be wiped off with a damp sponge. Grease won’t discolor them or stick to the surface. Food is wiped away with a quick motion. The drywall is also protected from the heat and humidity of the cooking area.

Using tile in the area sends a clear message to customers that you care about the little details and even the forgotten spaces. It makes a great first impression on potential clients. It also gives the kitchen an attractive finished look that paint simply cannot mimic. This is your opportunity to tie different colors together, highlight magnificent architectural features or add visual interest to this important space. Tiles like Emperador dark mosaic allow you to reach all of those goals and take the kitchen to the next level.

As you embark on your next project, consider adding Emperador dark mosaic tiles to your inventory. In large projects, you can use the darker colors in certain buildings to ensure that every project is unique and attractive. In smaller, private projects, you can use this tile option to impress your clients and give them a fantastic look in the kitchen. Work with a company like Nalboor that will provide you with wholesale pricing and high-quality materials. All of our tiles are meticulously cut and polished, and we take pride in our consistent workmanship and premium products. You’ll appreciate the savings and the prompt deliveries that we provide. Contact us today for a wholesale quote through our online form. You may also call us at (305) 501-4548 to speak to one of our professionals from the most affordable marble wholesaler in Florida!