Top 6 Flooring Trends for Spring 2015

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Top 6 Flooring Trends for Spring 2015As you start working on a major project, there will be countless questions to answer. The flooring you choose is one of the biggest considerations. You want it to be durable and cost-effective, but you also want it to be a popular floor that will be appreciated by your family or clients today and potential buyers in the future.

While you may not want to follow a pattern that’s likely to fall out of favor in the coming years, there are some amazing trends this spring that are sure to be a hit now and for many years to come.

Here are just a few of the top design ideas that you can incorporate into your upcoming project. When you choose beautiful marble as your centerpiece, you shouldn’t be afraid to embrace any of these hot ideas.

1. Hardwood Meets Cool Marble

Do you love the look of hardwood, but you’re also falling for the rich veining and deep colors of marble? You don’t have to choose between favorites because the two go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Use marble in your kitchen and butt it against a warm wood for the dining or living room. Fill the center of your foyer floor with an incredible marble medallion and then use wood for the rest of the flooring.

You may have been told that raised transition strips are required along the wood, but this isn’t true. You can easily have a seam where wood and marble meet, and you’ll love the rich feel it brings to your home.

2. Marble Exteriors

Wood and concrete have dominated the patio for far too long. If you’re working on any type of outdoor living space, remember that marble is an incredibly durable option that can give your pool deck or barbeque area an incredible, luxurious feel.

It’s perfect for hot climates because it won’t hold the heat in. This means that it stays comfortable under bare feet even when the mercury goes through the roof.

People in cold climates may believe that marble will crack, but you’d be surprised at how durable this natural material is in freezing climates. The trick is to seal the pores of the marble annually so that water cannot get down into the stone and become trapped. With this simple solution, you can count on your marble patio to last longer than concrete or wood alternatives.

You may also want to consider using smooth marble on your front porch. If you have a concrete area in place already, then you have the support system that you need. Gorgeous marble makes an impressive entryway that will dress up all types of homes, from tract housing in the suburbs to mansions on larger estates.

3. The Look of Leather — Without the Hassle

People are embracing natural materials, and that includes leather in some cases. Leather is hailed for its durability and softness, and manufacturers are finding ways to help people get the look of leather in unexpected places like walls and floor.

Specially designed tiles mimic the smooth brown finish and subtle shading, but you don’t have to go searching for pricy leather-look tiles.

The fact is that Adalia Cappuccino and Rojo Alicante are both natural tiles that look a bit like leather due to their softer veining and coordinating colors. You’ll get the hot leather trend in a marble package that will never go out of style.

4. Wood Looks, Minus the Wood

Many people love the look of wood, but they worry about the pitfalls of this proven building material. While wood can last a lifetime with some care and the occasional refinishing, it’s still hard to replace one section if it becomes seriously damaged. The finish can also wear down leaving you with discolorations.

You don’t have to surrender the warm colors and smooth finish in order to have a more durable material. Here at Nalboor, we offer ceramic tiles that look like wood. They come in longer planks so that you can create the look of a hardwood floor without any of the worries or hassles. It’s easier to make repairs later, and the finish will never wear down from foot traffic, pets, or the passage of time.

5. Creativity With Patterns

Once upon a time, people bought tiles and laid them down in neat little rows. Maybe someone got really creative and staggered the rows to mimic the look of brick. However, people in 2015 are embracing patterns and having fun combining shapes.

Start with contrasting colors like Bianco Dolomiti and Rojo Alicante to make the pattern stand out more. Use different sizes so that you can get more creative. Don’t be afraid to go bold and do something daring. The beauty of using natural stone for the patterns is that the material itself will always be in style, and the neutral colors will always suit your changing décor.

There are many patterns that you can install on your own, including smaller diamonds on the corners and simple harlequin designs. You can also work with an area tile professional if you’re feeling daring and want something that will stand out more.

6. Unexpected Places

Another flooring trend is the movement among homeowners to do what works for them rather than worrying about outdated rules. In the past, bedrooms almost always featured carpeting. Modern homeowners are putting hypoallergenic tile in bedrooms and then finishing off the space with area rugs that are easier to clean.

You expect to find luxurious travertine in the bathroom, but you can kick it up a notch by adding coral stone tile to the laundry room. Rather than finishing the pantry with the same Crema River marble that’s in the kitchen, give it a more unique look by going with Adalia Cappuccino for the flooring.

The choices are yours, and you’ll love knowing that you simply cannot go wrong with marble and other natural stone tiles.

Once you make the flooring decisions for your home, it’s important to find the right supplier. You could go to the local store and hope they have something you like in stock, but then you still have to deal with loading your purchase, hauling it up to the checkout lines, and then carting it home.

You may also have a bit of sticker shock when you see the full retail prices on high-quality stones. If you do manage to find discounted stones at a local store, you may discover that the tiles are discounted due to quality control problems. Simplify the shopping process and save money by going with a trusted name like Nalboor.

We’ll ship the stones directly to your home or job site, so you won’t have to waste any time loading up boxes onto flatbed carts. We take pride in maintaining low costs throughout the manufacturing and distribution process, and we pass the savings on to our customers through competitive wholesale pricing.

Contact Nalboor today to discuss your project and your budget. We’ll help you place your order.