Outdoor and Patio Design Ideas: How to Pick the Right Tile

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Outdoor and Patio Design Ideas: How to Pick the Right TileOutdoor living spaces are growing in popularity once again, and you may be interested in designing the perfect space for entertaining guests when the weather is nice.

The beauty of marble tiles is that they’ll last forever, withstand the elements and make a great impression. The problem is that there are so many colors and options to choose from that you may feel overwhelmed.

Making the decision to use marble or natural stone on the patio or outdoor kitchen is easy. Here are some tips to help you choose the right color and style for your needs.

Consider the Existing Colors

Start by looking at the colors that are already on and around your home. The new tiles can last a lifetime, so you want them to balance with your siding and other hardscaping.

Rather than automatically going with tiles are close to the same shade, consider going with a contrasting color to make your patio space stand out more.

A yellow may look more cheerful and welcoming when paired with Adalia Cappuccino in a soft brown.

On the other hand, dark brown siding or other deep colors may go beautifully with Arizona Ivory Travertine with its soft beige and ivory shading.

You’ll add visual interest to the patio and make it feel like a more luxurious space when you choose a shade that works well with your existing color scheme.

Enlarge a Small Patio

If you’re dealing with a small patio, then you can visually enlarge the space by going with brighter colors for the tiles.

Consider Crema Marfil with its consistent ivory background, or use Champagne White limestone for a more brilliant finish that you’re sure to love.

You don’t always have to go with brilliant shades to make the space feel larger. The soft tones of Crema Bella will also make a space feel bigger without overwhelming it.

Any of these tiles will look great with any color or style of home. If you have light colors on your siding, then using light shades on the patio flooring will be even more effective.

Sun Exposure

One thing to keep in mind when choosing a color is the sun exposure throughout the day.

Remember that lighter shades will reflect more light and brighten any area. This can be a positive feature if you have a covered lanai, but it can prove to be a serious problem if your patio is in the full sun for a good part of the day.

If you need to brighten an area that’s dark otherwise, choose the brighter colors of Vanilla Oro or even Bianco Dolomiti.

You can minimize the reflection of light by going with darker shades like Adalia Cappuccino.

If you want to use a lighter color while minimizing the light reflection, consider Saturnia Ivory travertine or the medium beige tones of Crema River.

Tile Sizes and Patterns

Ordering in bulk is a great way to save money, but that doesn’t mean that all the tiles have to be the same dimensions.

You can mix different sizes to create appealing patterns that will add interest to any patio.

You can lay the tiles in a simple pattern with the lines marching in neat little rows, but you may choose to stagger the rows for a more brick-like pattern.

Consider adding borders to the tiles in order to clearly define different spaces or just add visual interest.

You may also want to add a medallion to the center of your patio to give it an interesting look and dress up the space.

You can also mix the colors to add interest and style to the patio area.

Into the Garden

You don’t have to stop the marble finish at the edge of your patio. Carry the look out into the garden with walkways made of marble, or use the natural stones as a finishing material for your pool decks.

Carrying the luxurious material out to other areas will give your entire outdoor space a more elegant feeling that you’ll appreciate.

You can also use the natural stone as a countertop in your outdoor kitchen or install it as the backsplash in work areas.

The Right Finish for Safety

Stones can be finished off in different ways depending on the final application.

High polish finishes create a stunning shine, but they also close up the pores and create a surface that may be slick when wet.

While this is fine for interior applications, you may want to consider a different finish for exterior projects.

Tumbled and honed stones both feature a little more traction for safety. The pores remain more open, and that makes them easier to walk on after a rain.

One downfall of this type of finish is that the stones may be more prone to staining, but you can easily prevent this by sealing the stones with an appropriate product.

The sealer will close off the pores without making the marble slippery when wet.

Choose Quality and Value

While all natural stones may form through the same processes over time, they aren’t all created equal.

They must be carefully mined and manufactured to eliminate weak areas, create smooth edges and ensure that the stones will be durable.

While it may seem easier to go to the big box store around the corner, you may find that they have high prices for questionable quality stones.

Work with a reputable supplier for quality stones that will look great. You’ll save money on the initial purchase, and you’ll avoid frustration by working with stones that are consistent in size, color, and quality.

When it’s time to choose natural stone tiles for your patio, work with the friendly professionals at Nalboor.

We have highly trained artisans who handle all of our manufacturing work, and we take pride in our high-quality merchandise.

We maintain low costs through all levels of production and delivery, and we pass the savings on to you through wholesale prices that you’re sure to appreciate.

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