Coral Stone Tiles: A Creative Pool Design Idea

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Coral Stone Tiles A Creative Pool Design IdeaWhen it’s time to finish off your pool with coping, you have countless materials to choose from. You certainly don’t have to settle for a simple concrete lip that will finish off the pool and prevent water from going behind the shell.

You can make your pool stand out by choosing natural stone coping for a luxurious and attractive finish.

One option you may not have considered is coral stone tile. This beautiful material will give your pool a unique look and help you take your outdoor living space to a great new level.

Before you decide on any other material, consider these benefits of exotic coral stone tiles from Nalboor.

The Neutral Color

One of the top reasons designers choose coral stone is for the neutral coloring. It features delicate shades of cream that will work any type of pool deck, liner, and overall decorating theme.

The white to light beige colors will help brighten up any pool area to make it feel more welcoming. It will maintain its lovely color despite the regular exposure to treated water, so you can count on coral stone to continue looking incredible throughout the life of the pool.

Disappearing Seams

Some stones have a smooth finish that brings out the seams. If you want the connection points to virtually disappear, then you may find that this is the ideal choice for your pool area.

Coral stone features a slightly rough finish that helps to minimize seams and blend the coping across the edge of the pool. The overall effect is very pleasing, and you’ll love the clean look.

Better Traction

Tiles with a tumbled finish naturally create more traction, and coral stones excel in this area. While other tiles may become slick when wet, this isn’t a problem with coral. The water drains off easily, and little pockets are absorbed by the slightly uneven finish.

This makes it one of the safer options available for your pool. The difference in texture can easily be felt under your bare feet, so it makes it easier for family and friends to feel where the edge of the pool is before they fall into the water.

It’s a simple change that can help reduce the risk of accidents while improving the look of your pool area.

Cool and Comfortable

One of the challenges with any pool deck is keeping it comfortable for bare feet. While you want the space to look attractive, you also want to be able to walk comfortably on it without shoes on.

Some materials can heat up under the sun, but this isn’t an issue when you make the switch to coral stones. They don’t store heat, and they don’t reflect the heat into the space. This helps you keep the entire area more comfortable and enjoyable for the entire family.

You’ll love being able to stroll across the pool deck without stopping to slip shoes on, and the cooler stones will also help keep your guests more comfortable when you entertain.

Unique Patterns

Coral stones have fossil patterns in them, so every stone is slightly different from the others. You’ll love the unique finish and the elegant touch that it lends to your pool. It takes a simple surface and makes it more impressive, yet it’s still versatile enough to work beautifully with an understated design theme. You’ll love the sophisticated touch, and your guests will be impressed with the smart look and cool patterns.

Versatility for All Areas

Coral stone is a versatile material that can be used throughout the patio area. While it’s ideally suited to the pool coping, you aren’t limited to using it in the pool area.

This versatile stone can be installed on steps, as a wall covering, and as a walkway for the pool to other areas. You can tie the area together by using the same pool coping material along flowerbeds and on benches.

If you’re installing an outdoor kitchen, you may want to consider using this same material as the backsplash to help give the space a cohesive look. You can also use coral stone throughout the pool deck, or install it as a luxurious border that will make the area more impressive.

Ready for All Types of Weather

People are sometimes worried about the durability of natural stone in extreme weather conditions. Like other natural stones, coral is ideally suited to exotic climates and high temperatures. It can take the heat, constant sun exposure, and rain without showing signs of damage.

However, people in cool climates have a different set of concerns. They need a stone that can take the freezing temperatures without cracking. Many people are surprised to learn that coral stone performs just as well in freezing climates.

This makes it an ideal choice for people throughout the country, and the team at Nalboor is ready to ship stones to any part of the nation.

Whether you’re working on a pool in Miami or installing a custom pool with waterfall in New England, coral stone will provide you with the durability and beautiful finish that you need.

Give your pool an upscale look by choosing natural stone for the coping. Natural coral stone tiles are versatile, durable, and highly attractive. They’ll create a luxurious feel that you’ll never grow tired of, and they’ll work with any type of decorating scheme.

It’s natural to want to keep your costs down, and you can count on Nalboor to help you save money on the overall costs of your project. We offer wholesale pricing on quality merchandise, and we’ll package your order in a timely manner so that you can keep the project on track.

We take pride in offering stones that are closely matched so that you can create the perfect look for your outdoor living area.

Contact Nalboor today to discuss your design plans and place your order for coral stone coping, or order tiles in bulk to use in other places throughout the space.