Contemporary Marble Tile Selections

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Contemporary Marble Tile SelectionsOne of the great features of tile is that it can work with any décor and home style. Whether you have a traditional home or you’re designing and customizing a contemporary house for clients, natural stone is still the top choice. Before you look at other materials, consider some of the smart ways that you can use the beauty and durability of natural stone to create a contemporary, cutting-edge look.

Bold Colors Work with Modern Design

When you picture natural stone, you probably imagine soft tans and creams with delicate shading that adds interest to the stone. While this is certainly true of travertine and Adalia Cappuccino marble, there’s more to natural stone selections that these neutral shades. You can also find sleek dark colors, including shades of green, red and even black. Nalboor carries a Rojo Alicante marble that’s veined with white and brown. The deep red shade is an ideal choice for contemporary styles where you want a splash of color that stands out more and will not fade into the background. We also carry Bianco Dolomiti tiles that are known for their consistent white color and sleek grey shading. If you want a more pure selection, consider the Vanilla Oro tile with its consistent white background. However, it’s also important to remember that the neutral colors of beige and tan stones will also work beautiful with your contemporary décor, so there is plenty to choose from when you’re ready to start shopping for your new floors, counters and wall coverings.

Mix Soft Colors with Harsh Lines

One downfall of modern styling in the past is that it can come across as too harsh. The crisp lines, straight edges and simplistic hardware can feel a little overwhelming, and this is where natural stones with soft colors step in to fill a void. The soft tans and beiges of marble and travertine will work to soften the crisp lines and make a space feel more welcoming without undermining the contemporary feel. Keep the feel on the modern side by choosing mosaic tiles that look like stacked rectangular bricks, or you can even opt for a fun herringbone pattern.

Complete the Atmosphere with the Right Accessories

A sharp designer uses fixtures that can work with several decorating styles, and then they finish the room with accessories that will create the right feel. A shower that’s finished with luxurious marble walls can be traditional or contemporary depending on the accessories. Go with shower doors that minimize hardware, and limit the accessories to towels with solid colors and very basic hardware. You’ll be rewarded with a distinctly modern feel, but you can always change out the accessories and hardware later to make the room feel more cozy and traditional.

Mix and Match with Other Patterns

It may surprise you to learn that you can create a modern look by mixing patterns. You can create a monochromatic theme in the bathroom or kitchen using beautiful white marble and ceramic tile with a geometric pattern. The veining in the marble walls or counter will work to both highlight and soften the contrasting geometric pattern. The result is a fun and interesting look that’s distinctly modern and highly attractive.

Embrace Borders and Finishing Touches

Contemporary design doesn’t have to be devoid of decorative touches. In fact, borders, chair rails and other decorative elements look sharp when incorporated into tile surfaces. Use tiles for a modern frame around mirrors and windows. Add a contrasting color as a border around the shower walls. Add alternating tiles with bold colors in the kitchen to make the room more interesting and attractive.

Remember the Great Outdoors

Wood decks are traditional, but you can build a modern outdoor living space by using marble and travertine as the finishing materials. Tumbled stones have enough friction to make them slip-resistant, and you can also apply special chemicals that ensure your tiles will be safe to walk on when wet. Simply apply the anti-slip protection to the tiles in your bathroom, pool deck, front porch and other outdoor areas to avoid accidents. When you carry this luxurious material out to the back yard, you’ll make the space more sophisticated and appealing. It will be easier to add the right finishing touches and contemporary furniture, so you can enjoy the modern feel throughout your home and yard.

Highlight Key Areas

Use natural stones to highlight certain areas and make the space more modern. A fireplace finished in brick is traditional, but adding white marble to the façade instantly gives it contemporary feel. If you have a separate shower and tub in your powder room, make the tub more of a focal point by adding a wall of elegant Crema River marble behind it. Use the natural marble tiles on the backsplash behind your stove, one wall of your foyer, or along the stairwell. You’ll draw more attention to the desired area, and you can also make the space feel more contemporary with the use of an accent wall.

Seamless Transition Between Areas

Use the marbles to make a seamless transition from one area to the next. For example, finishing the dominant wall of the bathroom with the same tile that graces the shower walls can make the room feel larger. If you need to cover the apron of your tub, use the same tile on the floor, apron and shower surround to make the space flow and give it a larger appearance. In the kitchen, finish the walls along your cabinets with the same tile that’s in the backsplash. The result will be a room that looks larger, feels more impressive and has that distinct modern finish that you crave.When it’s time to buy marble for your renovation project, work with a reputable wholesaler. Visit Nalboor online to review our extensive selection and see how affordable our products are. In addition to offering beautiful tiles, we also carry sealers, cleaners and anti-slip treatments to keep your tiles looking their best.

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